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Nike + FuelBanPedometers has been known for already for a long time, and actually this is also in part thanks to the company Nike, which has taken on the role of promoter of the idea of the devices to track your physical state. One of their new portable devices also having the aim to help people live more healthy and active life is the bracelet Nike + FuelBand which will be especially interesting for the people who like sports, busy people who are very cautious about their health and people of middle age, who want to make their life more active and stimulating. This band will help you set your personal goals and trace your success on reaching those by keeping track of the distance that you have covered and the calories burned. But do not think that Nike + FuelBand is just another pedometer, there is a lot more into it, as Nike + FuelBand is designed for people who are willing to change their lifestyle for the better, but a small push is already not enough.          

Nike + FuelBanIt is no secret that in order to be healthy you need to move a lot like in sports. The most effective sport as strange as it may sound is actually walking. In order to feel good you need to walk about 10 kilometers per day. This method is a kind of antivirus to poor health. Nike company has developed a device called Nike + FuelBand, which will measure the energy charge of the owner. The main function of the bracelet is measuring the calories burned during your fitness exercises. You can adjust the level of your daily walking-workout in order to be able to compare it with the one that you have already achieved. Immediately after the band was placed on the hand and the man started walking the bracelet is already on. By burning the calories you'll earn points known as NikeFuel, which will accumulate on the web-site (where you first need to create your account). Among other things bracelet can be synchronized with your iPhone and you can get a special application to share your results with friends and to assess their achievement. Such an approach would be an added incentive to play sports and keep up with your comrades. The cost of this new device is $ 150. Now such devices have developed greatly and cost much less, allowing a bit more functions.

In terms of the appearance, Nike + FuelBand is a black satin bracelet. It is waterproof, has a fairly tight clasp and can easily be worn all day long. Nike + FuelBand is equipped with USB-key that allows you to connect it to your computer to sync and charge. Thanks to the special design, USB is always hidden while you are wearing the bracelet. Bracelet has a bright LED display, the data of which is clearly visible even in bright sunlight. Despite the fact that there FuelBand only one size, there are various pads which allow the use of the strap of any size. On its full charge the bracelet can function for about four to five days.

The main feature of the bracelet is not counting the kilometers traveled and calories burned, although these tasks it can handle. But its main function is NikeFuel. NikeFuel is a kind of metrics invented by Nike, which collects data about your movements using the built-in accelerometer. Through the accelerometer the bracelet accumulates and analyzes data of your loads. NikeFuel calculates your energy costs and calories per day, and the total load, and then use the bars to show how close you are to the desired result. We hope that you agree that it's all is very motivating to achieve the set goals, and calls you not to stop, even when your energy is almost at its end.

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