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Serendipity Communication Device

Serendipity Communication DeviceAt first glance itis difficult to guess what this great portable and very attractive in its appearance device is actually made for. The device is named very intriguingly Serendipity. If you are not familiar with this word, it actually means the fortunate but at the same time accidental meeting with someone. Therefore from this sense you can already guess what is the purpose of this device, it is used for communication, and in more particular details – for communication in social networks.

From the first thought you might think that you will never need such a thing, but we are sure that there are many of the regular visitors of social networks who would find it very useful. Serendipity is a handy tool for working with social networks. With it, you will be able to view new photos of your friends and new entries on their pages, share video and audio files, play multiplayer games and perform other functions that usual social network like Facebook provides, including chatting and other.

Serendipity Communication DeviceThe device is also equipped with a radar with a range of 50 meters – therefore  if you will decide to track the user's movement it will be very helpful, but on the other hand you can see who from your friends is in the range and you can easily find them using the navigation tips from the device. 

Serendipity comes with a range of preinstalled applications and is easily customizable for specific needs of the user. Menu navigation is done by turning the metal ring. For ease of communication Serendipity also comes with a full QWERTY-keyboard (that is appearing on the touch screen).

In principle, all of the above can be done on a smartphone so majority of the critics have said that the world doesn’t need any new tool especially made for Facebook or other social network, though this device can be a perfect alternative if you are for example a student and you are not allowed to have your phone while on the lecture, or you are a busy business man and thus looking at your smartphone to check Facebook may not be the best thing your coworkers have to see. In such a way Serendipity device will become extremely handy. But don't forget that this additional social device increases your chaining to different electronic devices. And with the additional one, you can totally forget about the existence of the real world.

From the technical perspective we should talk more about the form of the device. From the exterior appearance it looks like a small circle with the diameter of about 6 centimeters and the thickness of not more than 17 mm. The device is nicely lying in the hand and has a soft-touch surface on the sides, so that to secure its position in your palm. The management of all the actions is done via the touch-screen, around which the device has built-in speakers. It operates on the battery and is charged via the USB connector to your laptop, moreover, the device also has a built in memory and can hold the files of up to 4 Gb. The price of the new creation was not officially announced, but some of the rumors say that it is going to cost not less than 130 Euros.

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