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Pen-Sized Scanner Hammacher Schlemmer

Pen-Sized Scanner Hammacher SchlemmerIn early 2013, the world saw a new piece of engineering excellence from «Hammacher Schlemmer» company - a unique and very much awaited gadget that combines a ballpoint pen, camera, scanner and recorder. The name reflects the idea completely: «Pen Sized Scanner» can be named in other words as a "scanner-camera-microphone, that all combined in one were reduced to the size of the simple ball pen."

Looking at the invention, you can see the obvious differences from conventional writing instruments, manifested in the form of integrated control buttons on one side of the handle and functional details on the other. The gadget is very useful in practical applications. The whole control of all the possibilities and the management of the functions is carried out by only two buttons: for scanning and recording audio, respectively. Think about situations where you wanted to take shot and don't have anything to do it with. This pen always will be with your mostly as common pen and handfully as a scanner when you will need it.

Pen-Sized Scanner Hammacher SchlemmerParticularly, another noteworthy thing is how much thought the developers of the process gave to the scanner-shooting of the page. First, before scanning on the surface of the read page is projected red rectangle that marks the edge of the Picture that will be taken. Second, the camera does not have to lead to a working state: if you hold the button "Scan", the projecting laser is activated, and after its descent the selection is shot. Another "bonus" for the buyer is a long working time: the battery allows for up to 300 scans.

Not less interesting are the technical specifications of the device. The camera has a high-resolution scanner, equal to 5 megapixels, which allows you to shoot high-definition fragments with the dimensions of 2048x1536 pixels and in the conventional format of jpg. Storing images and audio recordings is made on the embedded block memory with the capacity of 1 GB.

The gadget is no longer a concept and is freely available on the official website of the company «Hammacher Schlemmer». The set of the device includes also the cover and the charger of the format USB. Moreover, the creators decided to offer some more customization to their product and now it is available in three color options: gray (chrome materials used), green (with the body part of chromium), gold (also using the main material chrome). The declared value of the new scanner pen is $ 125.

The price is quite high, though we believe that it will be a perfect solution for the business people, who need to have an audio recorder and a scanner all in one. The shape of a pen allows you to make the three usages of the device and having it extremely portable, as can you imagine a small thin pen to compare in functionality with the scanner, even the most portable and small-sized one. In addition the device will be greatly useful for students, who need to scan certain parts of the lecture-books or also require audio-recording option to record most important lectures, not speaking also about the not so fair but still possible use of the pen as a cheating tool, to copy the exam questions and pass them to others and also scan some parts of the book from the library that doesn’t allow you to take an exemplar home.

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