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The Bat - flying computer mouse

The Bat - flying computer mouseThe Bat is a set that includes a platform and a flying mouse with a magnetic ring that can hold the weight of a human hand. No, you have read everything correctly, the Bat is a new computer mouse that is actually and literally flying on the air at the same time perfectly performing all the needed functions. In its basic sense the Bat is the levitating wireless computer mouse that is using magnetic field to stay in the air.

Majority of people may be skeptical about the functionality of the device, though the designer claims that it is as responsive and comfortable to use, as the ordinary mouse, therefore all the gamers and busy business people can be calm about their efficiency while operating the computer.       

The Bat - flying computer mouseThe altitude of the height of the mouse’s flying depends on the weight that is applied. From the technical perspective the designers tested the mouse according to different weight categories and claim that the mouse can hold almost any human arm. The height of the fly of the mouse can be counted according to the proportions 0g applied - 40mm, 1000g of weight applied to the mouse - 10mm of flight height.

This modern, hi-tech, and very stylish object was created first of as the prevention and treatment of a very "young" disease - carpal tunnel syndrome. Many active computer users can be exposed to this illness. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the causes of compression of the median nerve - the nerve in the wrist, which is responsible for the sensitivity and movement of the fingers and hands. This can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness, and muscle damage in the hands and fingers after couple of hours of consequent work behind the computer. Just imagine you are a busy person who for eight hours a day sits behind the computer and then you come home and want to read your e-mails and then - bam! - burning pain in the wrist, painful that you cannot even move a finger. For such problem now exist a lot of computer mouse accessories but this flying mouse is something special. Such device also may appear very attractive for your clients and you can be sure that they will remember you for a long time.

Addressing this problem, the designer of the device Vadim Kibardin, hopes to reduce the chance of numbness and muscle damage, which could be a start of the carpal tunnel.

Moreover, the Bat mouse in itself looks really cool! It is an excellent and unusual gadget that will be perfect for those who like to surprise and amaze others, and are themselves pretty confident with new technologies and cannot imagine one’s life without new devices. Surely this Batman Mouse will appeal to many users, if you cannot imagine your life without a computer, you for sure will also join the network of people who are waiting for any news about the official release and costs of the Bat, as unfortunately right now the device is at the state of the concept.

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