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Tongue To TeethInnovative toothbrush Tongue To Teeth, which is fundamentally different from all known tools for cleaning your mouth, is yet a concept idea that came up to the heads of the Canadian designers Adel Elseri and Said Fayad. Although, it is not at all the toothbrush, but rather a special bristly nozzle for the tongue. It allows you to brush your teeth without using your hands, and is not even a bit worse than the conventional method that you and I use every day at least twice. 

If you are the one who is always late for work and do not have time or simply cannot use the normal brush for whatever reason, spread some toothpaste on the Tongue To Teeth device and put it on the tongue. And then perform in the mouth special movements with your tongues such as if you want to thoroughly lick your teeth and the upper and lower jaw. For everything, as the designers of the device claim, you should not spend more time than for the usual when teeth brushing.    

Tongue To TeethFrom the technical side of the device we should mention that the nozzle is made of the silicon, and is easily washed, cleaned and disinfected. Unfortunately if you are allergic to the silicone, most probably you would have to wait couple more years, as the device should be elastic to fit any tongue, and thus the only currently available material that will be just perfect for that is silicone. Moreover, the Tongue To Teeth nozzle doesn’t take a lot of space, and you can safely keep it in your bag, purse and even pocket. Therefore it is a perfect solution if in the morning you would like to brush your teeth properly, but do not have time, as you can easily use it in your car or while on the bus. You can also use it while at work and would like to freshen your breath after lunch or before the presentation in from of the group of investors. But be careful not to be seen by someone with this device in your mouth. A least it will be funny or you can be counted as a very strange person.

Tongue 2 Teeth device is therefore perfect for people who like to be quick and at the same time efficient, as the portable gadget was designed for the on the go comfort. Moreover, currently the designers are thinking about two versions of the device, one that would be a multiple usage application and the second one that will be disposable, and the surface of which will has a special freshening tooth-gel coating on the outside as well as on the inside that would be capable of killing all the mouth bacteria on the tongue and on the jars and teeth.

There are pluses and minuses of both, currently, before introducing the device to the market the designers are thinking about keeping just the disposable variant of the device for the main hygiene purpose so that it would not accumulate any harmful bacteria. In such a way it will allow people to keep up their oral hygiene anywhere and at any possible time. For now the projections on the price are quite different, we were able to learn that a pack of 5 Tongue 2 Teeth disposable nozzles would costs at least 5 Euros. Is it anywhere close the truth we do not know yet.

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