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Microwave for the Car

Microwave for the CarMicrowave is a device of the consumer electronics that makes our lives easier every day. But this applies to domestic life. But what about the people who have to travel for a long time (truck drivers, tourists or maybe a business person who has quite a number of trips during the week)? After being for a while away from home, everybody wants to plunge into the comfort and coziness of your household. Therefore a small and pretty useful portable device that is in fact a microwave oven especially designed for the car is a great solution to at least a number of some of your problems and needs ( look also handpresso car cofee machine).

The portable car microwave oven is powered by a car battery (in full mode) or from the car cigarette lighter (in reduced power mode), as well as from 220V power socket (in full mode). In such a way this portable microwave oven becomes a great device for both your home and car trip, as well as can be very useful while you are going camping, to the country-side site or somewhere where you would like to have some warm meals.

Also you can search not compact microwave but meal heaters for the car. You will find a lot of alternatives to microwaves which is smaller, more convenient and can heat quite big portions of food.

Microwave for the CarThe power of the model is equal to 400W. But to run at the full power the stove can only when directly connected to the battery terminals, or from the socket outlet of 220V. When connecting with the cigarette lighter of the car the power of the device will be automatically reduced by 4 times, this is due to the physical impossibility of a car cigarette lighter socket to pass a current of high power. Thus, the recommended way to connect to the car is to connect directly to the battery terminals with "crocodile" (red terminal "+", black - "-"), or via the fixed connection to the battery terminals, using the fuse not less than 40A and wire at least 5 mm. 

The control of this great functional portable microwave oven is done via the electronic buttons and a small display. There are three modes of cooking offered for your convenience, comfort and also offering you the best solution for your needs.

Microwave is also pretty reliable because it was made of high-quality materials. The body is made of heavy-duty nylon and is equipped with rubber feet to stay firmly on slippery surfaces. On the main body of the microwave oven there is installed a reliable, rugged handle, through which the stove can be carried in one hand.

Moreover, in contrast to the domestic counterparts portable car microwave is convenient to carry and use in your travel for any possible purpose. Microwave has a spacious chamber (250x180x150 mm) and is designed to be safe for the standard heat-resistant containers, cups and mugs.

Operating voltage of the automotive microwave is 220 volts or 12 volts; the package also includes elongated detachable cords. The oven can be connected to a regular wall outlet and can be connected to the power source via the cigarette lighter in the car's battery, or directly to the terminals.

The other useful specifications of this model include the durable shock-proof frame, 3 modes of cooking: pizza, coffee (look also for cars and coffee article), popcorn, and weight of just 10.6 kg. The full package costs 190 Euros and is freely available on the open market.

If you want to make your travels more comfortable, not only a portable oven or portable toaster, but also some other small-sized devices like a portable printer or a personal portable fan will stand you in good stead in the car.

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