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SmartWallitIt is hard to argue with the fact that the mobile phone and the wallet are almost the most important everyday things for many of us. At the same time, both these things are easy to lose. New accessory of a portable gadget that has recently been introduced to the market known as the SmartWallit promises to help people avoid such unpleasant situations. SmartWallit is a compact portable device that is placed inside the bag, wallet or any other important for your thing and communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.   

Linking the two objects, the novelty notifies its owner whenever they get more and more away from each other. For example, if a user accidentally leaves the telephone at home, at work or anywhere else your wallet with a SmartWallit in your bag will make a warning sound. In the case if the wallet will be forgotten, then about this you will be reminded with the help of the application on your smartphone. Also, if you will experience any difficulties in finding one of the items it will be possible to remotely set the alarm on both of them.           

SmartWallitThe novelty also has a number of additional functions. For example, the accessory can remember when the owner has pulled out his wallet and thus can remind its owner when and where he was paying. In such a way, even though you have the phone and wallet with yourself, you will still be able to trace your route and if needed come back for some other things left there. Moreover, when using the wallet, wallet and ambient light sensors detect the use position and connects with the application for automatic recording when and where the wallet was used. You can also enter payment information in the application to make it easier to keep track of your finances. You can say that this feature will make your memory weak. But we now have to hold a lot of thing in our memory and aunloading some them may help you to concentrate on more important ones.

From the design side the SmartWallit gadget looks like a small thin lightweight box. It is offered in two color options, black and white. In addition the device has a silver design strap that adds some elegance to it. Now let’s look at the materials used in creation of the gadget. The device is made of glass, steel and impact-resistant plastic, the size dimensions of its body is 60 mm × 36 mm × 4,9 mm, and weight just about 25 grams. Because the main operation of the device is based on its relationship with the smartphone via Bluetooth, SmartWallit will be adding every day about 5% to the battery energy loss of the gadget. Currently the device is available on the market for just 60 US dollars.

Thus we can see that in its basic form and functionality the device is useful for almost anybody, though there is much more to it. Thus, SmartWallit adds features that may be useful for one or useless for others. You can program the device to provide a signal to the regular meetings, reminding you that your wallet is really with you. Developers of the SmartWallit has added this feature because they "think that people look rather silly when they every minute touch their pocket to check whether their wallet is with them". The other option of warning sign can be changed from the sound mode to vibration, making it more discreet if you are a business person and most of the time you are on the very important meetings.

SmartWallit work in a range of about 30 meters. Lithium-polymer battery provides the user of about 24 days of the charge, but use of notifications can drastically cut down this time frame. Charging takes about two hours.

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