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Sony Smart WatchThisNot so long before we have first heard about smart-watches, and now it has become a global trend. New portable device of a similar name was created by Sony. Sony Smart WatchThis is the perfect solution of a small gadget that can perform a number of very useful functions. Moreover, new Sony Smart WatchThis has already got a number of pretty useful applications. It was first introduced in the year 2010, from that time the company refined and updated the product number of times, introducing more profound and dust and water proof glass cover. 

In most of the cases Sony Smart WatchThis is usually named the phone and clock two in one. In its latest modification the phone can store up to 255 applications. As this smart watch gadget was created to replace the basic functions of the phone and the watch, let’s review the possibilities of this great device and see what can be paired and installed into this new device.    

Sony Smart WatchThisThe most interesting variants of potential applications, which at its best to work in a pair watch + phone is at first the smart alarm clock, which recognizes the phase of sleep and rings at the best time to wake up. Therefore feel free to use your Sony Smart WatchThis as a great helper to wake up full of energy and in the best state. You have to enter the desired options into the watch and after that put on the watch on your hand and go to sleep. The watch acts as a detector of the sleep phases. During the night the watch recognizes the movements of the person and thus determines the deep and REM phase of sleep. Therefore if you have set your alarm to a certain time, your watch will ring plus or minutes twenty minutes from that time, when you will be in the REM phase. Should be noticed that if you'll be waked up by your common alarm clock during your phase of deep sleep you'll be feeling bad during all day. Therefore such feature of Sony clock can't be overestimated.

Moreover you can use your Sony Smart WatchThis during your biking. Using a simple hand band you can put your watch on the bike handlebars and thus monitor your speed, time and the length of the ride, at the same time having a GPS set on your phone, with the watch you can even monitor the exact place where you are going and set the best route to a specific place.

In addition your watch can now perform the function of a photo camera, once you install the app known as SmartWatchPhotoMe, you can easily make perfect pictures. No, the watch doesn’t make pictures by itself, it is rather used as a distant controller. Have you often experienced the need to make a photo, but without you stretching a hand and getting an awkward pic, then now you can easily place your phone on the stand and with your watch control the shooting moment, the focus, brightness and everything else. Moreover, you can use a low cost portable printer to put your pictures on paper in any place.

Another perfect possibility to use your watch to the fullest is to use it a cheat-sheet. The watch has a touch-screen therefore once you load the app SmartWatchExamMe you can save lots of questions on it and scroll left and right to orient between those, in order to turn off the app and get back to watch-state you need to push just one button on the side of the watch. You can easily use this function to have a note of words you usually forget, to learn new language to read small notes before the speech and many other.

There are lots of other usages of the watch, like RecordMe, SteerMe, WatchMyPhone and other. In such a way new Sony SmartWatch is a perfect complex solution for people who want to find easy and comfort in almost everything they do for the price of just 100 Euros.

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