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CardSharp Portable Knife

CardSharp Portable KnifeOften it is necessary to open the box and packaging, strip the wire that is cut or chopped, cut the rope and other similar minor every-day life things and chores. The knife is already such a simple thing that we stopped to think of it as something extraordinary and even useful, though once you happen to not have a knife, not a single day will pass without you regretting this fact. Therefore today we are presenting you another very unusual portable gadget that is called CardSharp. 

CardSharp can easily and gracefully perform all the needed cutting and stripping functions, and at the same time can easily fit in any purse, wallet or a bag, as in its appearance this device looks like a business card.

CardSharp Portable Knife is a card that has the same size dimensions as any other credit card that with the flick of the hand turns into a knife. The knife handle is made from the solid polypropylene, and the blade was made from the stainless steel, in such a way you can be sure about its functionality as it is truly very sharp and will not get blunt even after couple of years of usage.

CardSharp Portable KnifeDue to its portability and very attractive shape of the credit card now you can have a knife in a wallet, pocket, purse or other. The knife credit card is also packaged in a beautiful gift square envelope. The stylish design of the gadget makes it also a perfect gift solution that will be truly valued by any modern man. The smallest possible size and minimum weight will also be a great bonus, as now this device is not just a knife it is the great and inexpensive tool for survival!

Incredibly lightweight and comfortable, laid out in a few seconds and ready to use knife in the form of a credit card will faithfully serve you in any, even the most unexpected moments. You can take it with yourself to the camping, to the city, even on the plane- flight, anywhere a situation can arise when your knife credit card will be indispensable on various occasions. You can remember a lot of cases when you got some parcel wrapped in adhesive tape and your desperate tryings to tear it. Each time in such situations all of us dream to find some knife or another sharp object. With CardSharp you will always be remembering with smile such awkward situations from the past.

Also, be sure that the device is fully safe to be taken along with you at any condition and in any place. The design of the knife has a fuse that will not accidentally open up in your pocket. Therefore the automatic and unwanted opening of the knife is absolutely impossible. To unfold the knife you will need to bend thin and flexible blade of the length of 7.6 cm, and then unfold the handle which is actually the rest of the plastic part of the credit card. Device itself weighs about 13 grams, and in more precise figures the size dimensions of it are 8.6 in length 5.5 in width and 0.2 cm thick. There is only one color option offered currently and it is black. The price of this small and useful gadget is just about 13 – 20 USD, the price may vary according to your location.

The uniqueness and significance lies in the designer's though who designed the CardSharp. Iain Sinclair Design – UK is a company that specializes in the design of innovative devices and electronics, long known to fans of the original, high-quality and stylish gadgets that are equally good to be bought for oneself and to give as a gift to others.

Some of the application examples of the CardSharp includes the cutting of the various materials such as wood, cardboard, leather, rubber, as well as for cutting fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, etc. It copes with the tasks that are prohibitive for ordinary pocket knives - for example, Cardsharp can easily cut a tennis ball or a 5-cm thick polyfoam. So don't forget to take this useful device in your trips together with the camping fridge and reliable solar charger. 

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