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Small 3G Mobile Hotspot Capable

3G mobile hotspot capableIf you were thinking whether you could create a free WiFi with your #G phone, think no longer, if it has a special feature of being 3G mobile hotspot capable, then you can provide yourself and your friends with the Internet network. With such a feature you will be able to create an Internet network which can incorporate other WiFi devices. Usually the number is limited to 5, however some exclusions are possible. In such a way you will be able to connect your laptop, your friends’ phone and his/her laptop for different usages.

So What is 3G Mobile Hotspot Capable?

With the help of 3G (Intelligent) Mobile Hotspot capable / MiFi® you can create your personal, portable WiFi hotspot, which is capable of continuously sharing Verizon Wireless Mobile 3G high-speed Internet connectivity. You can enjoy that online connection along with up to five more WiFi-enabled devices, such as netbooks, laptops, cameras, different gaming devices or other portable media devices as well as some MP3 players. In addition if connected via a USB-port Modem, you can only connect a single computer or laptop. And of course this device is quite outdated because a modern smartphone has more advanced 4G or even 5G technology within.

Moreover, there are enormously significant differences between the 3G Mobile Hotspot and other mobile network connection devices. The difference lies primarily in the fact that the 3G Intelligent Mobile Hotspot can connect also multiple devices using a special Wi-Fi connection to the so-called Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband service. On the other hand the other modems still require your physical connection, and therefore may only be used with one laptop at a single time. Furthermore, the 3G Intelligent Mobile Hotspot can connect not only the laptop computers, but it can also connect to the various WiFi enabled devices, in such a way offering much more to the customer.

How to Use 3G Mobile Hotspot Capable

So, if you decided to connect your WiFi enabling device to the 3G Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, you can choose one from the two different operating modes. These are the USB Cable Mode and normal WiFi Mode. In the USB Cable Mode you should use a micro USB-port cable in order to connect your laptop or other device with a type A USB-port to the 3G Intelligent Mobile Hotspot for the Mobile Broadband access. The micro USB-cable is specially required for the VZAccess Manager installation, activation, and further firmware/preferred roaming list updates and also the 2-Way TXT messaging.

In the Wi-Fi Mode you will be able to connect up to five WiFi-enabled appliances without any additional need for the USB or any other sort of wired connection. Just push the power button on and in mere seconds you are connected.

However, you should not that USB-cable connection among the 3G Intelligent Mobile Hotspot and the computer will disable WiFi capability. When the device in turn is plugged into a wall-outlet or special vehicle power charger, then it will automatically switch to the WiFi mode.

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