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Portable USB Digital Microscope MAN1011

Portable USB Digital Microscope MAN1011It is known that microscope is an instrument designed to produce magnified images of objects or parts of materials, invisible to the naked eye. The work of the microscope is known to almost everyone of us, because we all went to the biology lessons in school, where we could examine some interesting objects with the microscope.The technological development has enhanced and this piece of biological equipment, presenting a portable version.  


The portable, and therefore very comfortable and light-weight microscope will become an indispensable tool for a variety of small and precise work, such as soldering and assembly of SMD components, quality control of work performed, finding short circuits and other. One of the best models now offered on the market is the USB Digital Microscope MAN1011.

MAN1011 device from the Taiwanese company Cover Ground Electronics (www.cgco.com.tw) belongs to a class of portable USB digital microscope. From a technical point of view, it is a standard USB camera (similar to a web camera) with a 2-megapixel CMOS matrix, complemented by a simple optical (plastic) lens with a fixed focal length lens and a zoom function of up to 250x. This device is designed for a resolution of 1600x1200 digital images of small objects. The result is a portable and mobile (weighing only 30 grams, easy to carry around, and working with any laptop device, that does not require an additional power supply, as both data transmission and power supply is done via the USB cable) digital microscope.

Portable USB Digital Microscope MAN1011The advantages of the model MAN1011 compared with other similar USB microscopes are easy to name: comfortable in the hand and usage design, on the top bar there is a special button clicking which will capture the picture you are watching on the monitor and stored in the computer. Also as this microscope connects to computer by USB you can try to connect it to your smartphone and view pictures in any place. We can't say that it will be feasible with any smartphone but it is worth trying.  To check this you will need to buy USB connector from common USB to mini-USB. 

Technical requirements for the computer are not that burdensome and include the OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista and Vista SP1, processor: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, AMD K8 or above, free USB 2.0 port, CD-ROM drive for software installation.

The standard package of this great portable microscope includes the microscope itself, stand-holder for the microscope, supporting conversion lens in the form of a cone-shaped tube (funnel), supporting conversion lens with a mirror, USB Data Cable, CD ROM driver and user's Manual. To make work with the microscope more convenient you can use some additional devices. With the help of a small portable printer you can easily print out results of your researches, and a usb portable solar chargerar charger will provide you by electric energy in any place. 

It should be emphasized that the presence of auxiliary accessories are quite useful. First of all it is necessary to note a special tripod stand (holder) with the stage, which is convenient to place the observed objects. There is also a nozzle in the form of a cone-shaped tube (looks like a funnel) of opaque plastic - for taking images inside the cover, or in the holes, and for images of internal surfaces to which tubal get close by the microscope, a nozzle with a mirror. As already noted, the computer is connected to a microscope MAN1011 via USB cable, digital data transmission is carried out via USB 2.0.

Possible applications of this device are quite wide and include technical inspection (such as PCBs), forensic analysis (e.g., tissue samples), various laboratory studies (biology), the study of art and collectibles (coins, stamps), the authentication (bank notes, documents). Therefore this small and portable device will be quite useful for people who find themselves familiar with the actions listed above, the price of this new technological wonder is just 120 Euros, which is also quite a good bonus.

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