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Portable Fax Machine For Mobile Office

Portable Fax machineWith the help of portable fax machine is a device that is first of all small, also lightweight and relatively easy to carry around from place to place. These machines are generally fully battery operated, and therefore can be used in the normal conjunction with the cellular phone or just a simple phone line. Portable fax machine basically lets you send and also receive any fax from fairly anywhere, including your own personal vehicle, the park bench, the construction site, or a boat, airport waiting terminal, and many other.

A fully portable fax machine can be therefore extremely useful not just for sending and receiving the time-critical documents like different confirmations, or order acceptances, the delivery details and also any hand written messages, but it also gives you this sense of freedom and doesn’t glue you to your work-place while waiting for the incoming message.

Specifications of the Portable Fax Machines


Most of these portable fax devices come with the cellular phone common interface, also standard cables, the battery pack, additional battery charger, optional car adapter, and the thermal fax paper, additional power supply, and maybe the carrying bag and also the modular telephone special line adapter. Although keep in mind that the package may vary in the completeness and complexity. They can also vary in features and the capabilities like for example the modem speed, or the transmission speed, or the scanning method, also very important paper size capability, the resolution, or the  amount of power consumption, and some manual characteristics like weight, size and the price. Although such devices are quite outdated and look like some antique now maybe will find its funny to have some of this old-fashion devices in special stylish occasions.


Portable fax machine is ideal for the people who have to be always on move, but at the same time still need to send or receive some fax documents. They are especially useful for the surveyors, or landscapers and the researchers, at the same time some truckers who are waiting in a border crossing lineup can use some of the services of this device.

Offers on the Market

The average price of a portable fax machine starts from around $300. For example the Cellular Terminal "Easygate" Voice/Fax with the frequency of 850/900/1800/1900mhz will cost you $399.95. Or the Cellular Terminal Phonecell SX 7T (Combo) that operates on the frequency of GSM 850/1900 or 900/1800 and CDMA 800/1900 will cost you $724.95.

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