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Xbox 360 Portable Edition

Xbox 360 portableThe mystery around Xbox 360 portable version is still not getting any clearer. It probably is possible to get some of the spy shots of that great device, have some new insights, however it is still not foreseeable when it will actually be possible to get into all-night-gaming with the great gaming device now in portable form.

Rumors about Xbox 360 Portable

It was said in the Benjamin J Heckendorn official web-blog that new Xbox 360 portable version will look much alike the normal laptop. Even though the designers are trying to get the prototype away from that convectional form and image, it still appears to be most comfortable and also optimal way of getting Xbox 360 into a portable form. Some of the possible specifications that his device will have can include the easily removable standard for the stationary Xbox 360 system hard drive. This new feature will bring more convenience and easiness in profile and/or data swapping. Moreover, in new portable version of Xbox 360 both of the memory card slots will be accessible. This is mainly done for the same reason as the removable hard drive – the ease of data swapping.

In addition it is projected that new Xbox 360 portable addition will have no keyboard. It will possible be replaced with the touch pad or the chat pad, however, the keyboard will for sure not be present. Even though some of buttons are still essential, new device will for sure have a greatly simplified layout in the location of all of the ports and the present buttons.

Moreover, new Xbox 360 portable will be equipped with internal Wi-Fi module. The device will for sure have no external antenna, as other laptops or game consoles have. Therefore internal Wi-Fi module will serve the differentiation function but will also present more value to the customer, as the design of the device will stay as cool as before. What is more, new Xbox will have beveled edges and the countersunk screws. 

Possible Disadvantages

1) The main drawback that this playstation now is quite outdated and maybe find rather among antique stuff than in computer shops.

2) Keeping the console portable means that every part of the device would have to be easily transported, therefore the hard drive is supposed to be contained inside the application. However when containing the full-sized Xbox 360 hard drive, this causes the unit to get about ½ of inch thicker than all the past prototypes. 

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