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Top 10 Most Useful Fitness Accessories

Did you know that your heart rate during the run should be about 133-157 BPM or 70-80 percent of the maximum? It is with this value the muscular development starts. Also, an athlete should drink 200-300 ml of a liquid every 10-20 minutes to maintain the water balance in the body. By the way, you will take in hand the matter completely with the special bottle and the heart rate monitor. All of these 10 fitness accessories are created for simplifying the sports activities and making your training with portable gym equipment more efficient.




The first pedometer was created in Japan and called Man‑po‑kei which meant “10 000 steps pedometer”. This number always appears in the advertisements or on the web as a norm for slimming. Of course, this rule seems to be too generalized but still have a sense. The present-day pedometer helps you with steps counting and also determines the other significant parameters as an amount of burnt calories, walking pace or even a heart rate. Or you can use your smartphone as a pedometer. Android smartphones have a lot of choice among pedometer software.


Heart Rate Monitor

The quality of life and opportunities of the body depend largely on the state of the cardiovascular system. The more your heart is trained, the more successful you will be in fitness. There is a direct relationship between heart rate and fat burning: you start to lose it when BPM equals 110-130. By the way, it is necessary to increase it right up to 170 BPM for heart development. Heart rate monitor allows you to control your heart rate during any types of exercises easily: it works automatically and fastens conveniently without interrupting you from your job.


Electric Muscle Stimulator and Massager

While an electric muscle stimulator is aimed at improving innervations of the nerve cells of the muscle fibers, the massagers are great for muscle relaxation. After lengthy regular sessions of electric stimulation, muscles become more sensitive to physical activity. Massagers are usually used to reduce post-exercise pain and to speed up the blood flow in the body. It is important because the level of lactic acid in the blood decreases: it prevents the muscle soreness which can appear within several hours after the workout.

Gym Gloves

Some novices are wondering: “Why to use gloves if I can cope with heavy weights without them?" But, after a few weeks of intense training, they realize that the exercises on the horizontal bar or weights lifting are by no means easy. The calluses appear on hands and grip strength is desperate for a better. Gloves become real hand savers in this case: they reduce the load on the forearm and protect your palm from the unpleasant experience.


Athletic Underwear

Yes, the underwear matters when it comes to the fitness. Compression clothes support your muscles and return the energy while stretching during the physical activity. Such a thing helps to keep the vessels in tone and prevent varicose veins. Many athletes admit that even though they work more productive with compression, the tiredness after working out is less defined. This way, athletic underwear is worth buying because of its indispensable characteristics.


Wrist Wrap

The people who think that the wrist wrap exists for a decoration are wrong. This little piece of tissue has not only one but three useful functions:

  • It fixes the wrist joints: the use of bandage nullify the risk of injury;
  • Removes the sweat by applying it as a towel: an athlete removes an accumulated fluid with one gesture and continues the training;
  • Elastic fabric keeps the joints warm during the workout. It is crucial for exercising in the gym because of a big possibility to get hurt without a prior warm-up.


Bottles and Shakers

Do you still prefer to bring with yourself a boring bottle with a manufacturer label? It is worth noting, that it is not only dull but also not as convenient as it could be. There are a great variety of bottles on the market – with a hole in the middle, with the cell for citruses, with the coat to carry the phone or other accessories and even the smart one which measures the required amount of water based on your body parameters. All of them are sealed and equipped with appropriate neck finish. If you are the fan of sports nutrition, acquire a shaker for the protein or gainer preparation. It will be especially useful if you need to have a compact bag of fitness equipment like in this portable fitness equipment review.


Special Cases for a Smartphone

Sports cases and holders for the smartphone allow you taking one of the most precious things to the gym without a fear of an unexpected accident. Buy a special sports case and you won't miss the important call and gain the opportunity to listen to your favorite music. It fastens to the arm or to the waist and holds your device tightly while you are making yourself better.


Fitness wristband

Fitness wristband is a nice addition to the smartphone because it works in tandem with a special application designed specifically for this accessory. That's a combination between the pedometer, heart rate monitor and calories counter. The most advanced wristbands are able to track your sleep phases, determine the intensity of the physical activity, show your current location and recommend the daily goal. Such a smart and multifunctional device will cost from $10 for simple trackers like Xiaomi Mi Band to $300 as a tricked out Samsung Gear Fit2 depending on its characteristics.


Healthy applications

Well, they are not exactly the accessories, but, do not underestimate them. A fitness application can serve as a good bit of help to start working on your body. Use them as a source of inspiration: they will closely monitor your personal growth and gather statistics about your every movement. An app makes your progress visible and nothing motivates better as an apparent result. There are a plenty of different applications designed for iOS and Android: some of them are free of charge, the other require the fee.

A Bonus Cheat-Sheet: the Best Free Workout Apps of 2017

  1.  Map My Fitness
  2.  Workout Trainer
  3. Nike+ Training Club
  4. JEFIT free
  5. Lose it
  6. Fitstar
  7.  Sworkit
  8. Fitocracy
  9. Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal
  10. StrongLifts 5x5

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