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Pocket bike 49cc is best for fun and excitement

Pocket Bike 49ccThe mini bike or also known as pocket bike 49cc, is a special miniature motorcycle with great features and quite impressive riding speed.  Most of the minibikes use the two-stroke engines and the chain drive. You can get one of these fore your own entertainment or also for the racing.

Pocket bikes are great fun providers and also a way to spend some time entertaining to the highest possible level. Pocket bike 49cc can provide you great speed and gas economy, therefore providing also favorable situation for your wallet.

Specifications of the Pocket Bikes

As currently there are so many pocket bikes that even now there are several divisions and categories to distinguish one from the other. The biggest and most popular category is the pocket bike section. These are sport bikes and are also used in the great events of pocket bike racing on the kart racing tracks. The usual height of such a small moto-creation of the engineering excellence is less than 50 cm (20 inches), and gets as high as 1 m length. The usual classification of pocket bikes comes with the additional specification of the engine type. The engine of those small pocket bikes usually packs a 39–50 cc (or 2.4–3.1 cu in) in a two-stroke engine with a maximum of around 4.5–6 horsepower (that is equal to 3.4–4.5 kW). Therefore In order to better understand about what bike the talk is going on, one usually says “Pocket bike 49cc”.  The maximum speed of those moto-monsters varies between the 30 to up to 64 km/h (or in miles it is around 19 to 40 mph). Pocket bikes are also especially made in either the four-stroke gasoline or the electric engine versions. The popularity of these pocket bikes grew significantly during last years. It is mainly due to the influx of some really cheap pocket bikes that were imported from China. Some popular brands from the Chinese manufacturers are the V-Racer and also the Sendai marquee. But better look at the new generations of this bikes that come with the electric engine. They accelerate faster, have a smaller weight and almost silent.

Offers on the Market

If you consider prices between different pocket bikes models keep in mind that the bigger the engine, the more money you will have to give for such a pocket bike. On average the price for pocket bike 49cc will start from around $150. For example the NITRO Hobbit Dirtbike the Pocket bike 49cc will cost you $220. But if you want to save a little, you can get one of the Chinese pocket bikes, the price for these ones will be substantially lower. For example the 49cc mini pocket bike (ZLPB-01) from the Wuyi Zhenglong Sports Utensils Co., Ltd.  manufacturer you will pay just $90. Or the 49CC POCKET BIKE (PB008A) from Chinese company Hangzhou High Per Corporation Limited will cost you from $85 to $100. Also if ready to buy one of them think about purchasing one of carport kits to keep it safe and clean.

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