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 LernstiftOnce people will abandon paper in favor of incredible technology, perhaps we will be able to transmit information directly into the brain of the other person, but till now we are still using the simple gadgets that are already pretty standard for writing texts. However, not so long ago, the market heard about a unique and useful product - Lernstift. This pen will save you from writing a text with errors, or at least will try. The Lernstift is a new hi-tech device that looks like a simple pen and is actually a pen, but at the same time it analyzes the written text and tells the writer with a simple vibration regarding the errors that occurred while writing. The main segment of the market, which was originally targeted by the designer company, was of course, as you can realize, children, but after some tests and further marketing research analysis, it was also revealed that adults do not mind having such a gadget in their bags.  

 LernstiftFrom the first thought this device will be perfect to teach your child some grammar, but it will be useful also for adults who are learning new language and struggle with remembering the right spelling. Lernstift operates in two modes: calligraphy and spelling. In the calligraphy mode the pen notifies the writer about the errors in calligraphy, and in spelling mode it detects the spelling and grammatical errors (it vibrates one time in the first case and two time in case of any grammar mistakes in the word). Sensors can detect mistakes even while writing in the air, so you can write messages even without having at hand a writing surface. In addition, a WIFI module can transmit the written text to your PC. But otherwise the gadget can be used as a normal ballpoint pen that can please fans of more conservative methods. Also, think about how easy you can save your drawings in your smartphone. You won't need to draw it on the paper than shooting it and clearing out from unnecessary artifacts. You even won't need any paper. Just draw even in the air and get your drawing on your smartphone.

The Lernstift operates on a simple battery, therefore you need to be cautious about the fact when it starts to vibrate really, maybe it is not because you started to write grammatically correct. On its technical side the pen has seven major components inside, that are so small that when put together are not bigger than any other pen that is usually used. The Learnstift has on the inside a small motion sensor, sensor for handwriting recognition, pressure sensor, small network module to connect via Wi-Fi, the battery that is placed at the back of the pen, the refill holding capacity for the ink and also a small switch on the outer side of the pen.

There are two types of Lernstift. Thus, the first generation of devices has already appeared in the market last month, and the sales started in Europe at first. It is a pen with motion sensors and the system that can recognize words. A second generation will not get to the market until 2014, here, in addition to the above components; the pen will be equipped with a special pressure sensor. This feature will help the children learn how to hold a pen and press on it. In the case of heavier touch pen vibrates, as in such a way the extra force is applied and thus it damages the hand after long writing and can lead to numbness and other not pleasant consequences.

As for the cost of the device, it is quite impressive and is about 120-170 Euros. The second generation device prices will start from about 150 Euros. It should also be noted that the novelty is running on Linux OS.

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