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Playstation PortableNew and upgraded playstation still remains the leader in handheld gaming console segment market. It is not even possible to name any other competitor who would be lucky enough to get a little close to the current position of Playstation portable in the hearts of the consumers and also in the shelves of the shops.

Basic Facts about the Console

Playstation portable, or as it is usually called, the PSP, was manufactured by the Sony Corporation. This great device was introduced in already late 2004 for the very first time. However, it wasn’t until September of 2005, when the production and marketing of the game console were officially launched. PSP is the only portable game console on the market that uses the optical disc format when it comes to the primary storage medium. From the other side, it was the first game console that was introduced with such a big screen, vast multi-media applications and capabilities, and later the connectivity to other Playstation game consoles and the Internet.

Offers on the Market

Right now it is possible to find different designs of the Playstation portable gaming console. It all is done in order to adhere to the customer needs and emphasize the individuality of the younger customers. On the other hand there are people who are not using PSP for gaming purposes, but rather for their multi-media applications and also internet connectivity which come quite handy with the console’s portable size and very attractive and modern design. From the year 2005, there is passed a lot of time and the technology advanced greatly. new playstations are faster, have much more memory and more powerfull cpus. So look through the latest news to find playstaion that will be more suitable to your needs. 

Despite the matter for which you are using you playstation portable console the average price for it currently is around $150. Some of the new models of the older design versions are available for $126, more current version will be priced much higher. In addition the statistics also show that white models appear to be more expensive the black models for an average of $15, having the same specifications and inner characteristics.

Totally new packages of playstation portable (including the memory card and other minor additions) will cost you at around $250. Though if you are thinking about an updated version that is lighter in weight, has more novelty application and multi-media options, and also features a slim design, then be prepared to pay around $340 for this small beauty. It's good toy and will be a great gift for any boy or even older.

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