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Ergo Arm Adjustable Ergonomic Armrest

Ergo Arm Adjustable Ergonomic Armrest Think back to the unpleasant and painful feeling in your right wrist after a long time spent at the computer. In this case, it does not even matter whether you work hard all night or at work for straight eight hours, or maybe you have been playing Warcraft – the hand of the active computer user will sooner or later begin to, as they say, "wither". But thanks to the new invention known as the universal armrest called Ergonomic Arm Rest work in front of the computer will be less stressful and more comfortable and enjoyable.   

The developers of the universal armrest have claimed that even at the end of the day filled with constant computer work the pain in the wrist and muscles will not appear. Let’s agree, for all the modern people, who involve at least 70% of their daily work behind the computer it is a very tempting prospect. 

Ergo Arm Adjustable Ergonomic Armrest Let’s now look at the design and materials of this new portable device. The construction of the universal armrest was made of the aircraft aluminum and is equipped with a pair of hinges, which, thanks to their mobility, easily allow the user to take the most appropriate position in the area relative to the computer desk and the mouse pad, which is also already built into the design at exactly the appropriate distance, which will ensure the best position of the hand. On the assurances of the representatives of the manufacturing company of the armrest it can reduce the load on the hand by even 90 percent.

The most known and actually first producer of this device was the U.S. company Ergoguys and named their new invention pretty straightforwardly - Ergonomic Arm Rest, this was done in order to ease the introduction of the product to the market and therefore make people already realize what they are looking at. Although now there a lot of other producers in other countries that make such armrests of different kinds and from different materials from plastic or natural leather.

Ergonomic device was designed to relieve the person’s pain in the wrist, shoulder, arm and neck that occur after spending a lot of time at the computer. The risk group includes virtually all the office staff, hard gamers and also middle age people who need to work at the computer and are also cautious about their health and well-being. Armrest can support the weight of up to 11 pounds; therefore it is suitable for different people varying in terms of the body complexity but also in terms of age. Special design allows the universal armrest to be adjusted for children and teenagers.

If you do not want to get a carpal tunnel syndrome because of the long hours of work with a mouse, you should really pay attention to this gadget Ergo Arm Adjustable Ergonomic Armrest. The cost of this device varies on the market, the cheapest one can be ordered in America for about 60-70 US dollars, while from the official distributor and with the shipping to Europe the price jumps up to 90 US dollars.

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