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Portable WiFi Hotspot For Internet Everywhere

Portable_WIFI_HotspotThis new technology in portable WiFi hotspot will be beneficial for every Internet user or the business person, who relies heavily to the 24/7 Internet online connection. Portable WiFi devices can provide your home, office, hotel room or even the train cabin with free WiFi. Use it in order to stay connected through-out your travel from one location to the other, or during your stay outdoors in the park, or some other picturesque place like river side or even the beach. This device will be especially usefull for programmers who like to work not in office.

Benefits of Portable WiFi Hotspot

The benefits for using this device are great. You can now replace all your old fashioned, and boring to use WiFi devices with the hi-tech masterpiece - portable WiFi. With this portable device you can easily setup your own WiFi hotspot no matter where you are. No longer will you have to depend on the publicly installed WiFi hotspots. With your own special portable WiFi appliance you will be able to get instant access to Internet while in the office, café or restaurant, garden or even at your mate’s home.

The portable WiFi hotspot comes with tons of advantages and only very few disadvantages. Everywhere where you have a cell-phone coverage you are free to setup the Internet connection with Portable WiFi hotspot devices. Moreover with this device you will be able to connect up to it 5 different devices which will have the opportunity to access Internet all at the same time. What it actually means is that you will be able to connect not only your laptop, but also your mobile phone, your friend’s laptop and his/her mobile phone and one of your other friend’s laptop too. In such a way you, your friends and family will be able to connect to the Internet at the same time and bear the cost of one. Very small size of the device is very handy if you''ll need to carry it in your backpack or even clutch bag. And pulling the internet out from woman clutch bag may astonish your girlfriends a lot. 

Moreover, the connection is totally secured; therefore you will be able to connect additional devices only when you will allow them to do so. Otherwise be sure that there will be no free-rider, who would be using your Internet without paying for it, as it is not possibly to connect without your permission and approval.

Some Risks to Use Portable WiFi Hotspot in Public Zones

Even though your connection is totally secure, it cannot be as such while you are in the public WiFi zone and use the free WiFi connection in order to connect to the Internet with the help of your portable WiFi device. In this situation be informed that you are vulnerable to the possible threats from the outside, like hackers or other malicious software. Hackers and Malicious providers will be able to capture your documents and personal information which is contained on the computer. They may also be able to delete all of your data. Therefore stay informed and alert, as portable WiFi devices cannot protect you from this kind of threat and risks of public Internet zones.

Offers on The Market

Some of the possible models of such device can be Verizon MiFi 2200 3G Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, Novatel MiFi™ 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotpost, or Hotspot - 300M-3G/WAN WiFi-Wireless-Router-B. The price for such a device starts from $79,95. However, be ready to pay around $200 for a really high-quality one.

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