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3DoodlerLast April, the founder MarkerBoot Samuel Cervantes showed the new device called Solidoodle, a portable 3D-printer for $ 500. Price is a bit puzzling, since before this regular price was about $ 2000. Now the team Wobbleworks is going to release 3Doodler, a portable 3D-printer-pen, for an incredible price of just $ 75. For this incredible small sum you can order on the company web-page your own portable 3-D printer right now and get it in couple of working days.

Before moving on to the device itself, let’s look at it from the technical and design sides. 3Doodler is called a 3D-printer, but to actually call it as such will be just equal to calling an ordinary ball-pen a 2D-printer. This new portable device is simple, but at the same time amazing. Designers from WobbleWrorks just took the heated head of 3D-printer and made it into a separate stand-alone device. They inserted behind a solid piece of plastic (ABS or PLA), that goes through the entire device, and then they are transformed into a bit of a molten form. In general, the device looks like a glue gun. 

3DoodlerYou can paint with this incredible new device on the paper or on the stencil, if you have no artistic inclinations. However, even if you feel quite comfortable with drawing, you will still need some time and skills to get used to this new way of drawing as the main feature of the3Doodler is drawing in the air. On the device there are two buttons that lets you control the rate of melting. High speed is best suitable for painting on paper, but if you want to draw in the third dimension, it is best to slow down. Three-dimensional structure can also be done in a different way – you can draw it on paper, then fasten them all with molten plastic. Although the price is quite high the device is very good for developing the creativity of kids.

Writing is performed by using the standard 3-mm plastic rods. One meter of the source material is enough for more than 10 meters of finished line. The plastic hardens almost instantly, which allows you to draw without reliance on weight. In addition, you can draw on any flat (or curved) surface - ready figures can be easily separated from the paper and the melded to the plastic. One of the other secondary possible applications of the portable 3Doodler printer is the repair of the minor plastic parts and plastic products in any decor.

The handle weighs less than 200 grams, and the order on the producers’ web-page will cost you $ 75 (including the two sets of colored plastic rods). As previously noted with the 3D-printer you can not only "write by hand" on the the3doodler.com web-page you can download templates to print parts on paper that can be "traced" separately, and then assemble into a three-dimensional structure. The authors of the project hope that the template library will be constantly updated by users, and in the end will contain many hundreds and thousands of models. Currently you can create with 3Doodler the model of the Eiffel Tower, Pisa tower, small action figures and statues of famous people and many other minor things.

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