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Astonishing x18 110cc Pocket Bike

x18 pocket bikeYou shall not be deceived by the bikes size, as x18 110cc pocket bike is the greatest bike that you could ever had. The x18 110cc pocket bike is a special miniature sized motorcycle, bike which is averaging around 49 inches in its length and 18 inches in height. 110cc pocket bikes will usually be built with the gas-powered engines and therefore will be capable of very fast speed and drive performance. Although these bikes are small enough to be placed even under your arm, the 110cc pocket bike can easily outperform some of the regular models.

Even though they are small (so they don't need any of portable carport kits) and light-weight most of these bikes are especially manufactured and assembled with many of the features which are common to regular bikes. For example they have front and rear disc brakes, are equipped with racing tires, and lightweight aluminum alloy cast perimeter frames as well as swing arms. The 110cc pocket bike is also widely known through the other names as super pocket bikes mini motors and also the ninja bikes.

Specifications of x18 110cc Pocket Bike

The new X18 110cc pocket bike is usually shipped with a special removable air restrictor in its carburetor which is made to restrict the speed for new riders only to the 35 mph. With such a super pocket bike you for sure will be the envy object of all your friends and enemies. This bike sports lots of amazing features, which include a special hand-activated clutch, the one just like a real motorcycle has! The verified 110cc 4-stroke strong engine will reach the speed of up to 58 mph and the specialty variable speed motorcycle style throttle will let you control how fast you drive.

The new X18 110cc pocket bike features the tried and true body and also the frame design. The frame has a rigid and inflexible design that does a great job in minimizing weight while maintaining quite high torsion strength. The exclusive aerodynamic design has an especially low drag coefficient – as all of the fairing components were designed for the reduced drag and lowered turbulence. The fully adjustable chain driven transmission system is fully self-lubricating like a in a full-sized motorcycle. This super pocket bike features four-speed with foot activated shifting and a hand activated clutch – which gives you the feel and experience of a real bike, like if this one wasn’t real! But we recommend looking at the more advanced electric bikes. They are silent, more lightweight and don't have such amount of servicing as this outdated bikes.

Offers on the Market

So if you are seriously thinking about getting one of those great pocket bikes, and you are especially fascinated with x18 110cc pocket bike, then be ready to pay a descent price for a descent quality and performance. First place to look for this exclusive bike is US dealers, as this is where those bikes are especially popular and full-range of service can be provided along the purchase. So all in all such a bike can cost around $600,00 or even up to $800,00, depending on the dealer and the package that you get with it. Some of the good web-site to starts the evaluation and purchase decision can be http://www.minipocketrockets.com.

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