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Bluetooth GlovesCold weather is not a reason to end your talks on the mobile devices. The technological progress has advanced already to offer you great solutions to everyday problems. As, for example, in order to cope with winter and also cold days the original Bluetooth-headset called Bluetooth Gloves was introduced to the market. This warm glove with the microphone placed in the little finger and the speaker in the thumb, as well as the remote control located on the wrist can offer you to keep up with your conversations even when the weather is below zero not freezing your hands. And it will be enough just to place these fingers when you call in a characteristic, known from childhood, gesture to start a conversation. Also in this unusual item of clothing is also built a small keyboard that allows you to control the music player on the phone and by the calls too.

The winter months bring not only the joy of the first snow, Christmas holidays, ski vacation, but also many disadvantages associated with low temperature. Let’s agree that in the winter it is very uncomfortable to use mobile phones, because every now and then you have to get them out of your pocket to the cold air and also to keep your hand at the cold for even couple of minutes is not a dubious pleasure. Therefore if you are an active talker on the phone and the described above problems are causing lots of discomfort to you, then you should for sure get a pair of Bluetooth Gloves for yourself. 

Bluetooth GlovesThere are male and female Bluetooth Gloves, and these are also offered in two colors (black and gray) in order to offer customers more variety. Gloves are made of 95% polyacrylonitrile and for 3% from cotton and for 2% from polyester. Charging of this device is done through the implemented USB-interface (rechargeable battery or better say small accumulator is also included). Bluetooth Gloves are not the concept, and are already offered openly on the market.

Bluetooth Gloves are also made for those who, even in the harsh winter days prefer not to sit at home, at work or entertainment establishments, and being on the street but feel the need to stay connected. For example if you are engaged in active sports, or just enjoy walking along the snow-covered streets, but you will need to call someone. Moreover, this will be also a perfect solution for all dog owners, who need to get out pretty often for a walk with their pets and prefer to spend this time talking with friend on the phone or listening to music, thus making possible to control your playlist directly from the glove. These gloves are partly prototype of new kind devices for interacting with virtual reality. Now they are quite awkward, have not so many functions but the price is reasonable to test this new technology.

Let’s now look at the actual technology at work and understand the main principle of work behind this new device. The communication between gloves and a mobile phone, as you can tell it from the name, is made possible by a wireless interface Bluetooth. And at the same time the distance between those can be even up to twelve meters, allowing you to be mobile for a considerable range.

Manufacturer of this new gadget also claims that these tech gloves can be washed, even in dry cleaning, therefore do not worry if you forgot those inside the jacket pockets when you have loaded your washing machine. Bluetooth Gloves cost about 81 U.S. dollars.

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