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Rollei iSY Photo Printers

Rollei iSY Photo PrintersGerman company has developed a regular printer for mobile devices like iPhones and tablet PCs, with which you can easily print high-quality images directly from the gadget. A device called Rollei is suitable for use with gadgets that are based on iOS and Android. Developers have released two models (and the difference between those is not in the body color) Rollei iSY Photo Printer and Rollei iSY WiFi Photo Printer. A distinctive feature of one from the other is that the latter is able to print pictures from a distance using the technology of Wi-Fi. The printer cartridge that is used in those compact portable printer is "all in one". To print a single image of professional quality (300 x 300 dots per inch) on this small but pretty technologically advance printer you will need to wait about a minute.    

Rollei iSY Photo PrintersWhen you are still wondering, what is so special about these gadgets, we should also mention one more interesting fact. In addition to the excellent quality of the photos, the images printed on this gadget are resistant to moisture and fingerprints on the glossy surface. One cartridge, special Rollei iSY 36 that is the only one fit for these two models, costs about $20, is enough for 36 pictures of the highest quality. Thus one shot will cost you about 55 cents. It may seem quite expensive of course, but it is convenient when you consider that the printer also cuts the picture to fit your desired size dimensions. Cost of the printer itself is $ 215 for the Rollei iSY Photo Printer model and $ 240 for Rollei iSY WiFi Photo Printer. The device price can't be named as democratic so as the price of one print.

The creator of these new devices is RCP-Technik company, which represent a great solution for all the  smartphones, tablets based on iOS / Android owners. Moreover these two great printers also have a special ability to be compatible with the cameras that have enabled the PictBridge feature.

Let’s now look more at the technical and design sides of these two compact printers. Models have dimensions of 175,5 x155x122 mm (the model with WiFi feature is totally the same in terms of size), and use a system of printing with transfer Dye sublimation and permit ready prints with a resolution of 300 dots per inch, or the size of 10x15 cm (standard) or 10x45 cm (panorama mode). The color design of the printers is quite the same; both Rollei iSY Photo Printer and Rollei iSY WiFi Photo Printer are offered in black color, though the version without WiFi has also an option of white color.

Majorly to operate the device properly your device should have the printer control applications using Rollei Photo. In such a way the printer will function 100% correct, and you will not spoil any color of the cartridge or paper. Both models are equipped with a docking station that is using simple USB connector and can be charged from the computer or from a normal electrical socket.

So we see that this new device is pretty interesting for all lovers of photography and traveling and who would wish to share their photos in a more physical sense, rather than via phone. This device will also be perfect for all the journalists and naturalists, who need to have physical photos right away.

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