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Handy Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Mobile WiFi HotspotMajority of modern cell-phones come with a special technology feature known as mobile WiFi hotspot. In more simple terms WiFi hotspot can enable you to share high-speed Internet connection between you and other WiFi enabled devices. In order for you to understand this hi-tech nature of the question you can simply imagine like your phone was converted into a special portable WiFi router and is now sharing Internet-connection between other WiFi devices.

If you have happened to have mobile WiFi hotspot feature in your phone, then you can share internet connection and networking between many different devices and at the same time you can use it yourself on your own phone. Initially the Internet-connection speed is quite high, however as when other devices will join the network and link to the same Internet web this is going to create already a shared connection, therefore certain speed limitations may be present. But with the development of more advanced technology, these limitations may appear not noticeable.

Which Mobile WiFi Hotspots Are The Fastest?

It appeared that on average, the Verizon MiFi mobile hotspot delivered the download speed of  1.5 megabits per second and an upload speed of about 0.5 mbps in both scenarios, when connected via WiFi or with the USB cabel. The MiFi delivered quite similar connection speeds to the MacBook Pro laptop as it did to the iPad. In general, all the hotspots that were tested could not connect a Mac tablet as fast as they could do it with the laptop. But the MiFi was capable of producing a respectable 1.5-megabits per second connection for the Apple iPad.

If we had to compare the Verizon mobile WiFi Hotspot with the other offering, then there wouldn’t be much to compare. The Motorola Droid X was the closest competitor, but it was able to connect the MacBook Pro at the download speed and upload speeds quite slower than the MiFi, and although the Motorola Droid X was able to connect the iPad a bit faster in comparison, the speeds were download 1.3 mbps and the upload 0.4 mbps, these results were still not as satisfactory as of the MiFi’s.

Mobile WiFi Hotspot Criticism

As the speed performance is not yet all, each hotspot device was also tested for its reliability. Meaning, that their ability to make a stable usable Internet connection was also reviewed. All of the mobile WiFi hotspot devices that were tested could connect in every testing location—though some were far better than others. It appeared that the MiFi 2200 and also the iPhone 4 were quite flawless, fairly seamlessly connecting other devices to the Internet.

Sprint's Epic 4G by Samsung had some troubles in creating a seamless WiFi connection for other devices. And regrettably, but the Droid X hotspot wasn’t so easy to use. This device, including also the Epic 4G were often resetting themselves or in some moment simply stopped working, which required a manual reset. Sprint’s Overdrive appeared to be almost unusable for longer internet connection sessions, as it often powered itself down.

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