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Forecast Umbrella

Forecast UmbrellaDesign team from Chicago has developed the concept of the original umbrella called Forecast. The name is not accidental, because of its feature this unusual umbrella eliminates the need of the owner to find out the weather forecast before you leave your home. The main secret is covered by the handle. Umbrella Forecast handle from time to time gets into connection with the Internet, using Wi-Fi technology, and, depending on the results, changes of light intensity and color. 

If, according to the umbrella, the weather will be sunny, the handle of this great device has a very low light, at the same time like saying, do not worry about me, you can leave your house safely not taking any umbrella with yourself, if the weather is forecasted to be overcast, the handle of the umbrella becomes brighter and changes the color to blue. Finally, if the steady rain is expected, handle changes color to bright turquoise, in such a way none of the people passing buy will stay indifferent as the bright light will right away capture your attention, and you will not forget to get this great device with yourself.

Forecast UmbrellaRight now the concept of the umbrella is still under development, mainly because the market has shown to be quite interested in it, though they lack some sort of customization. At the moment on the market you can find only one umbrella with one color option – black, and with one size dimensions. Therefore the producers are now working really hard to also develop smaller-size umbrellas for children and more elegant with different color and pattern options for women and young people. Maybe they will also make a version of umbrella without an umbrella. It may look like some attachment to your lovely umbrella and you won't have to be tightened to narrow assortment of the manufacturer umbrella design.

Let’s now look at the technical side of this new device. Forecast umbrella uses special Wi-Fi option to connect to the Internet and get the information about the weather forecast, after that the information is given to the special chip that is controlling small LED lamps that are hidden inside the handle of the umbrella. The lamps are very small and therefore provide calm and pretty even light, making you think that it is only the handle itself is made from a special material, which can glow with different light. The chip and the core of the device are covered in the handle itself, but be sure that everything is pretty safely fixed there, therefore no water can damage it, though stay cautious, even though manufacturers say that it is also shock-resistant, we still suggest you not to through it or drop it onto a hard surface.

In terms of the umbrella materials you will not be surprised at all, as the materials used are quite common – simple metal and wooden base, fabric cover with special water proof quality and also transparent high quality plastic cover for the handle.

For now the only option available on the market is more a manly one, the costs for such a new technology is not that low, the Forecast umbrella will cost you from 190 to 220 U.S. dollars. For now it may be said that it is quite a high price for a simple umbrella, but maybe later, when more competition will enter the market, the price of the umbrella will fall, and till that time you also be able to choose your desired design and also color and pattern and supply the whole family with weather-cautious umbrella.

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