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Memoto Mini-cam

Memoto Mini-camWhile for the full Google Glass glasses we still have to wait for the next couple of years, there is already a small alternative in the form of a mini-camera Memoto, which has already been successfully introduced to the market in the service of Kickstarter. This new portable novelty in its basic sense is a min-cam that allows you to tape every-day life. The most important fact about this great device is the size, the gadget has a size dimensions of a 36x36x9 mm and is thus used for the same purpose as the above points - to automatically capture everyday life of the owner.  

It does not necessarily require from the owner to have something on the nose, like glasses, as with Memoto it is just enough to hang it on a chain or attach it to the clothing. On the inside the device is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, mounted GPS and accelerometer. All the pictures are taken every 30 seconds and are stored along with the coordinates and the time of shooting.  

Memoto Mini-camThe creators claim that even with this active mode the battery will last for two days of work. Built-in memory is enough for 4,000 photos, and for the exchange and charge the gadget has a port microUSB. Finally, the work with photos can be done not only on the computer, but on the tablet or smartphone which are based on iOS and Android. The first copies of the models were already sold for $ 200, and for now are already sold out, leaving only the price of $ 250 or more. 

Now let’s review the exterior design of this unusual portable device. Memoto camera in the front projection has the form of a square with rounded corners. At the front part are also located lens of the camera and on the back side there is a special clip, with which the device is attached to the clothes. The device has not a single button. During the day, with the automatic shooting setting the camera collects four gigabytes of photos. And you can easily print any of them with the help of a portable photo printer.  

The developers have positioned Memoto as a camera for conducting "visual diary." They point out that the camera is suited for everyday use, and claim that it helps to preserve the history of life in the photos. The camera has also a GPS application, and all images are supplied with geotags. Camera battery lasts for two days. And now you'll have to charge not only your phone but also this mini cam. Charging a bunch of devices every day may appear exhausting in short period. Memoto camera was introduced in October 2012. Funds for the production of camera developers have collected through the platform Kickstarter. Deliveries of the device will begin in April.

In its parts overview the small and very nicely looking box also includes the GPS antenna, MPU, RAM, and 8 GB Flash memory Card. From the other technical specs of the camera it is useful to mention the ability to double-tap on the camera case in order to manually take the photo, LED battery state indicator on the side, special accelerometer that allows the camera to take straight pictures regardless of the pinning position of the camera, stainless steel clip. In such a way Memoto is a perfect solution for people who like to travel and take pictures, for others who make their daily diaries and for journalists who do not have the time to stop and make pictures, naturalists and other.

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