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Increase Your Mobile Phone Range With Mobile Signal Booster

Mobile Signal BoosterAs almost anyone can say that they’ve experienced some problems with the mobile signal, then the mobile signal booster is the great device for you to keep up with the work, when other phones fail. The loss of mobile signal is possible almost everywhere and can be quite painful. You can lose the signal even in greatly advanced urban areas; there are simply way too many places and locations where the coverage can be spotty. And while some carrier may have quite perfect coverage in the specific location, another carrier may be offering nothing but the dropped calls.

Why You Need the Mobile Signal Booster

As every mobile phone owner has discovered an irritating dead zone at some point of their mobile phone usage, and they for sure provided some problems or mere inconveniences. Those signal drops can be especially troubling while in your home, or at the workplace, or somewhere along the commute. Although fortunately for you, the mobile signal booster can now offer a great solution to the reception woes. But you will need to check local laws because some countries prohibit using such signal amplifiers. 

Keep in mind that these aren't just some cheap and lousy stickers that you buy online (we strongly recommend to you not even bother with those); these boosters are real products that can make a significant difference. Even though your exact result will vary, and also you should keep in mind that better mobile signal and a better voice quality are actually two different things, but it was found that these mobile signal boosters can offer an improved signal. They are run on the quite expensive side, but you should consider that a clear phone call is defiantly worth the price. Boosters are compatible with the CDMA and the GSM phones; unfortunately they don't support the Nextel handsets.

Offers on the Market

Keep in mind that these boosters are not the cheap gadgets. If you want to have great signal and clear calls be ready to pay up to $350. For example a very popular and highly reviewed Wilson Electronics SOHO Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit, which can provide greatly enhanced indoor mobile coverage for even up to 2,500 free square feet will cost you $315. Or for example the Mobile Repeater AT-600 with the extension for 300 m2 and with the Up-link frequency of 824-849 MHz and the Down-link frequency equal to 869-894 MHz will ask for $250 from your pocket.

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