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Portable Document Scanners

Portable Document ScannerWith the help of a new portable device such as portable scanner, your constant business travels can now be no distraction your daily business tasks. As a busy person with the aid of this device you can easily manage all your receipts, or business cards details, and other documents or personal scraps of paper that you need to digitize.

Majority of modern portable document scanners include also advanced features that can traditionally be found on the common desktop document scanners, for example the duplexing and/or the automatic document feeder (known as ADF). Some portable scanners quite unusual but do their work.

Advantages of Portable Document Scanners

Even though portable scanners do not seem to be that popular, the advantages they offer are great and vast. First of all they perform all the function that a normal desktop scanner does and also offer a great feature of portability and thus flexibility, You are no longer stuck to your work-place when you just need to quickly scan some documents and send them via e-mail. These small portable scanners also offer you a great speed, as they are programmed to deal with smaller amounts of documents they can provide you quicker operation manuals and therefore quicker result. They exist in various sizes from tiny pen-size to adequately big to scan full A4 page.

Usually some of the portable document scanners will also have the various software options already included, therefore you will be able to quickly manage the receipts or the other documents without need to connect to another device.

Offers on the Market

There is quit a vast variety of portable document scanners offered on the market. For example one of the oldest ones is the Visioneer Strobe 500. It is primarily a simple desktop document scanner, but it can be removed from its main dock in order to function as a small portable scanner as well. Another great portable scanner is the Canon image Formula P-150 Scan-tini. This scanner is a little more massive and bulk, however it successfully works over it with the high speed of operations and great features like duplexing and the automatic document feeder (the ADF).

Another portable scanner is Fujitsu ScanSnap S300. It also duplexes and has the ADF feature, but it usually has some software issues that make it a little less appealing choice. The great scanner and software device is NeatReceipts as it can scan business cards and also other documents, though its core is for scanning receipts and also later managing them while using the included into the device special NeatWorks 4.0 software, which export the data to other financial management programs. Also if you are going to travel look at such nice travellers helpers as portable printer or portable solar charger.

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