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LG Pocket Photo PD223

LG Pocket Photo PD223Not so long ago the open market had another novelty released, the name of the new portable printer is LG Pocket Photo PD223. At first the product was supposed to be tailored just for Japanese and other Asian countries market, but after the thorough market research, the creators realized that the new portable device is also interesting for European and other foreign markets. The LG Pocket Photo PD223 portable printer is a very nicely looking device that may be useful for all the lovers of photography, offering quick and quite functional solution for the printing of the photos. 

The printer comes with the USB-cable that is used to charge the internal battery and can feed gadget while you work. Printing process uses a special paper from the company Zink. Its main feature is that it does not require consumables as ink - all the print materials are placed on a substrate of paper.

Externally LG Pocket Photo PD223 looks like a small box that resembles in its size a small portable modern camera. On the one side of this device is located a special holding capacitor behind a rubber flap, made for the USB and microUSB connection. A pack of paper is set into the compartment at the back part. 

LG Pocket Photo PD223On the cover of this part there is a special instruction note drawn reminding the owner that the pack of emulsion should be put facing up, with a special "smart sheet" at the very bottom. The last one is necessary to adjust the color settings if the error or some problems with coloring appear, thus the instructions offer to banish the printer on this sheet to restore the correct colors.

If your smart phone has NFC app, then when you touch the turned-on printer it will give a link to LG Pocket Photo app for Android. It facilitates the print of pictures, and allows you to easily select the appropriate occasion to add frames and QR-codes, and thus format it the way you want. Once the application is localized it is very simple to understand it. The application allows you to print the photos and pictures that are directly on the phone or that are found on the internet, to which the phone is connected. The print size is about 3x2 inches, which means the minimum image size for printing is 900x600 pixels. Therefore, not all images seals can be printed from the Internet.

This miniprinter is a very comfortable and nice in the exterior design device. It is very “charismatic” and all that you can put to its blame is a pretty high price and the cost per page of about 36 dollar cents, which makes the LG Pocket Photo PD223 an expensive and high-tech trinket. Another use that the creators see for it is to print promotional cards or small photo-cards for tourists. Another thing to say that is quite disappointing about this device is that with the fully-charged battery you can barely make a dozen of prints - in stand-alone mode, it does not live long. Or you can additionally buy some power bank or solar charger and use this printer almost in any place without the need of power source.

The LG said that according to the current legislation this printer will be provided with the 7 years of warranty and support. That is, even if the printer will disappear from the market, the paper will be on sale for a long time. Thus lets sum up with 4 reasons to buy a printer LG Pocket Photo PD223, first of all it is the full autonomy it offers, moreover, it works with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, it does not require refueling cartridge and allows you to print business cards, small photo cards, QR-codes and thus is simple and easy to make out any tiny photos.

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