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USB2USB Device

USB2USB DeviceFlash drive and memory card today are two of the most popular media devices that are used almost every day and almost everywhere. Data as entertainment and business information is often copied from media source to the other media, which always takes time, and is usually very inconvenient. To address this problem the concept device called USB2USB was developed. From the name of device it is not hard to guess what the main function of the device is – it is to copy the data from one media source to the media. For example, from the USB flash drive, or memory card to a portable hard drive and other.        



The Bat - flying computer mouse

The Bat - flying computer mouseThe Bat is a set that includes a platform and a flying mouse with a magnetic ring that can hold the weight of a human hand. No, you have read everything correctly, the Bat is a new computer mouse that is actually and literally flying on the air at the same time perfectly performing all the needed functions. In its basic sense the Bat is the levitating wireless computer mouse that is using magnetic field to stay in the air.




PanaCastThe company «Altia» has already released its new project of a very interesting and at the same time extremely useful webcam. The new model is called the «PanaCast». It has a review of 200 degrees. Actual viewing angle is achieved by using several cameras placed at different angles. It should be borne in mind that a regular camera does not give such a review angle as the human eye, because in addition to the straight view, people have a view of peripheral vision, which allows capturing images of objects located to the sides. The new webcam PanaCast has this rare ability, in such a way allowing much more than a conventional webcam that is offered on the market.   


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