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Mustek HS600

Mustek HS600How often do you feel the need of having brought the scanner with yourself? Most probably the person who would have recognized himself in the first question would be a businessman who needs to attend per day quite a big number of meeting and conferences, or maybe you are a student, or a young researcher who studies books in the library almost every single day. If you belong to this small group of users, the portable scanner will be a good cure for the library queue to scanners and copiers when the smartphone's built-in camera is not enough to save the valuable information. The hero of our today's review is one of the most powerful an functional portable devices of this sort - Mustek HS600. This handheld scanner that runs on batteries, is capable of scanning and coping the full documents of A4 size and smaller.           



Bluetooth Gloves

Bluetooth GlovesCold weather is not a reason to end your talks on the mobile devices. The technological progress has advanced already to offer you great solutions to everyday problems. As, for example, in order to cope with winter and also cold days the original Bluetooth-headset called Bluetooth Gloves was introduced to the market. This warm glove with the microphone placed in the little finger and the speaker in the thumb, as well as the remote control located on the wrist can offer you to keep up with your conversations even when the weather is below zero not freezing your hands. And it will be enough just to place these fingers when you call in a characteristic, known from childhood, gesture to start a conversation. Also in this unusual item of clothing is also built a small keyboard that allows you to control the music player on the phone and by the calls too.



Miniature Multifunctional Router ASUS WL-330NUL

Miniature Multifunctional Router ASUS WL-330NULCompact models of wireless routers have already been discussed in the world of high tech. Compared to conventional devices the portable routers are usually lower in functionality and have wired ports with simplified configuration of a wireless module and a relatively low performance hardware platform. In many cases, for the users it was more than enough, but with the ASUS WL-330NUL the lovers of internet have much more possibilities now.  


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