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Mocoro Robotic Furball

Mocoro Robotic FurballOnly the Japanese can make the dust-cleaning machine into a pretty and cute thing. Thus, we would like to present to you the unique and truly adorable robotic wool ball Mocoro. Mocoro will be rolling from one side of the room to the other, at the same time collecting all the dirt and dust onto its surface.   Its outer fabric coating is made of a microfiber cover that is easily removed for cleaning or washing in the washing machine. For the active usage and effective cleaning Mocoro requires three AA sized batteries and thus can operate with them for three hours, every 15 minutes automatically turning on and rolling around your house, leaving no chance of dirt and dust.      



Tesla Exhale Fan

Tesla Exhale FanWe are glad to present to you the new portable product that is called Tesla Exhale. From the very first impression it is quite hard to imagine that the talk will be going about the fan, though, Tesla Exhale is not just a fan it is a new bladeless fan, the creators on which were somehow inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla. By the way, Tesla Exhale can become the world's first fan without blades; moreover, the portable version is also being developed right now.



Robotic Windows Cleaners Winbot 7

Robotic Windows Cleaners Winbot 7Robotic windows cleaners have been recently introduced to the vast public, and in the short period of time they have conquered the world. Currently the robotic windows cleaners are not an oddity in today's market of robotics. Most of them, such as, for example, Windoro, in order to remain in an upright position are using a magnet. However, a new robot for cleaning glasses called Winbot 7, shown at the recent CES, Ecovacs, for "sticking" to the glass is using suction concentric rings, therefore, according to the manufacturer, can effectively clean the glass of any thickness. 


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