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Portable USB Digital Microscope MAN1011

Portable USB Digital Microscope MAN1011It is known that microscope is an instrument designed to produce magnified images of objects or parts of materials, invisible to the naked eye. The work of the microscope is known to almost everyone of us, because we all went to the biology lessons in school, where we could examine some interesting objects with the microscope.The technological development has enhanced and this piece of biological equipment, presenting a portable version.  



Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine

> Hand Powered Portable Washing MachineUnique washing machine was recently presented on the public display under the title Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine (it's like handpresso). Many of you have already realized the main characteristics of this new portable device, as the name speaks for itself pretty clearly. If you are interested in issues related to energy savings, and your husband wants to pump up his biceps, then this new portable device will be just perfect.



Portable 3-D Scanner Photon

Portable 3-D Scanner PhotonAmong the exhibits of the latest high-tech exhibitions one new device became increasingly popular, and it is the 3d-printers for personal purposes. However, for full use of the professional features of this scanner it is needed to have the knowledge of the packages of 3d-graphics, or the basics of computer graphics. But if you are the designer, or model creator or anybody else, who works with the projects in 3D, then such a mundane task as getting a 3D copy of an object for a simple user will be impossible without the 3d-scanner.


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