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Memoto Mini-cam

Memoto Mini-camWhile for the full Google Glass glasses we still have to wait for the next couple of years, there is already a small alternative in the form of a mini-camera Memoto, which has already been successfully introduced to the market in the service of Kickstarter. This new portable novelty in its basic sense is a min-cam that allows you to tape every-day life. The most important fact about this great device is the size, the gadget has a size dimensions of a 36x36x9 mm and is thus used for the same purpose as the above points - to automatically capture everyday life of the owner.  



Handy Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Mobile WiFi HotspotMajority of modern cell-phones come with a special technology feature known as mobile WiFi hotspot. In more simple terms WiFi hotspot can enable you to share high-speed Internet connection between you and other WiFi enabled devices. In order for you to understand this hi-tech nature of the question you can simply imagine like your phone was converted into a special portable WiFi router and is now sharing Internet-connection between other WiFi devices.



Rollei iSY Photo Printers

Rollei iSY Photo PrintersGerman company has developed a regular printer for mobile devices like iPhones and tablet PCs, with which you can easily print high-quality images directly from the gadget. A device called Rollei is suitable for use with gadgets that are based on iOS and Android. Developers have released two models (and the difference between those is not in the body color) Rollei iSY Photo Printer and Rollei iSY WiFi Photo Printer. A distinctive feature of one from the other is that the latter is able to print pictures from a distance using the technology of Wi-Fi. The printer cartridge that is used in those compact portable printer is "all in one". To print a single image of professional quality (300 x 300 dots per inch) on this small but pretty technologically advance printer you will need to wait about a minute.    


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