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3DoodlerLast April, the founder MarkerBoot Samuel Cervantes showed the new device called Solidoodle, a portable 3D-printer for $ 500. Price is a bit puzzling, since before this regular price was about $ 2000. Now the team Wobbleworks is going to release 3Doodler, a portable 3D-printer-pen, for an incredible price of just $ 75. For this incredible small sum you can order on the company web-page your own portable 3-D printer right now and get it in couple of working days.



Portable WiFi Hotspot For Internet Everywhere

Portable_WIFI_HotspotThis new technology in portable WiFi hotspot will be beneficial for every Internet user or the business person, who relies heavily to the 24/7 Internet online connection. Portable WiFi devices can provide your home, office, hotel room or even the train cabin with free WiFi. Use it in order to stay connected through-out your travel from one location to the other, or during your stay outdoors in the park, or some other picturesque place like river side or even the beach. This device will be especially usefull for programmers who like to work not in office.




 LernstiftOnce people will abandon paper in favor of incredible technology, perhaps we will be able to transmit information directly into the brain of the other person, but till now we are still using the simple gadgets that are already pretty standard for writing texts. However, not so long ago, the market heard about a unique and useful product - Lernstift. This pen will save you from writing a text with errors, or at least will try. The Lernstift is a new hi-tech device that looks like a simple pen and is actually a pen, but at the same time it analyzes the written text and tells the writer with a simple vibration regarding the errors that occurred while writing. The main segment of the market, which was originally targeted by the designer company, was of course, as you can realize, children, but after some tests and further marketing research analysis, it was also revealed that adults do not mind having such a gadget in their bags.  


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