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Portable TVs Reviews

Portable TVThe article will describe portable TVs review, because a modern human is very dependent on the available and open information. No wonder that is why our age is called the era of information technologies. This actually means that a human being needs to inhale information everyday. And without any doubt the fastest and most popular way is television. Please, do not get angry saying that the Internet is the number one source of information, which is technically true, however, there are TVs which (also like portable internet hd radios) are connected to the internet, and thus it appears that TVs still win.



Small 3G Mobile Hotspot Capable

3G mobile hotspot capableIf you were thinking whether you could create a free WiFi with your #G phone, think no longer, if it has a special feature of being 3G mobile hotspot capable, then you can provide yourself and your friends with the Internet network. With such a feature you will be able to create an Internet network which can incorporate other WiFi devices. Usually the number is limited to 5, however some exclusions are possible. In such a way you will be able to connect your laptop, your friends’ phone and his/her laptop for different usages.


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