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I Sight Twin LED

I Sight Twin LEDThe American company RadTech has developed a flashlight I Sight Twin LED, which is worn on the ear, and can shed light to the areas that is only what is in front of the eyes of the owner, and leaves both hands free. The I Sight Twin LED is a lightweight device with LED lights, the life of which is one hundred thousand hours, and which also allows you to use both white and green light.  

Depending on what time of the day it is and the amount of light the person needs for the additional coverage, they can choose the day and night mode operation. Acrylic lens of the I Sight Twin LED provides even and bright illumination, the direction of which can be adjusted by moving the flashlight mechanism. The device can be worn on the left or right ear, not removing the glasses. Therefore it is a perfect solution for all those who would like to have some additional source of light, without the need to turn on the whole lights of the room. But also this device looks like some spy gadget and we are your kids may like it much.

I Sight Twin LEDIn terms of exterior this new device looks pretty much like a Bluetooth garment though a little bigger in size, in more details it will cover your whole ear and the flashlight itself has a size of about 4 centimeters. Even though this might sound like a lot, but the I Sight Twin LED doesn’t look bulky or awkward. 

This small device will be perfectly suitable for all lovers to read at night time or also those who want to work on their computer later at night and do not want to disturb with the light all the other sleeping in the room, especially if you are the busy husband, who needs to finish some project, while your wife is already getting ready for sleep. Moreover, this new small portable light will be suitable for mechanics, electricians, engineers, as well as for those who simply need a small source of light from time to time for daily work and need both their hands free. An important feature of the gadget is its low warmth rate, because it always touches the skin. The kit I Sight Twin LED includes two removable button-type batteries long life CR2032.

The price of this great small helper is just a little over 5$, therefore think twice because it is a great utility for a really small amount of money. This gadget has a manual control and thanks to a special mechanism can adjust the direction and intensity of light output. Ear flashlight versatile and can be worn on any ear.

So if you are still thinking where you can use this small device, then here are some of the examples for you. You can use this ear flash-light when you are repairing your car and thus before you have usually held the flashlight in your mouth or have placed it on the ground, limited your view, now with the great I Sight Twin LED you can with easy repair your automobile. Another great way to use this device is while camping, especially during the night when you go to search for additional wood for the fire or maybe you feel the nature call to the toilet, simple flashlights are not suitable. Moreover, if you are the person who travels a lot during the night, you have experienced before that after a certain time the light on the train, bus and on the airplane are turned off to let people to sleep, but with this individual device you will be able to continue to read or work on the computer without damaging your eyes and at the sa,e time not causing any discomfort to the people near you. There are many more examples that one more time prove that I Sight Twin LED is a perfect solution for every household.

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