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CamelBack All Clear Water Bottle

CamelBack All Clear Water BottleA bottle of clear drinking water today can cost about the same as a bottle of beer. And not all the water that you can buy and that claims to be clear is actually as such. The same is with the natural environment. For example, while camping, or having a picnic in a picturesque place, you can see in front of you the natural reservoirs of drinking water that cannot, even if it truly seems so, to be 100% clean and safe for your consumption - from the point of view of biology, they certainly are dirty, mainly because they are full of a variety of pathogenic bacteria. Of course, this water can be boiled, well, but what if there are no conditions, no time? 

Most of the bacteria, including the causative agents of enteric disease, die in the streams of ultraviolet rays. Given this scientific fact, the company CamelBack, specializing in product categories for outdoor, has developed a portable uv water purifier that combines the capacity to store water and UV irradiator . The idea was to build an ultraviolet lamp in the bottle cap. Therefore you need to just add water to the bottle of All Clear CamelBack, put the cap and hold the power button to turn on the UV lamp. 

CamelBack All Clear Water BottleOn the cover there is an LCD screen that shows the 60-second countdown - the time needed for full water purification, and the information about the state of the battery. All you need to do is shake the water in the bottle to mix well water layers, while the UV light is on to disinfect the water.

Now let’s look at the technical side of this great portable device that can offer you a great safe rest and travel while at the wild nature. UV lamp, located in the bottle cap, is designed for 10,000 cycles, which can clean about 101 ounces of water a day for seven years. Battery is of course easily rechargeable.

The main drawback of this device is that it requires some electricity to power it. If you are going travel in wild nature consider other devices to filter water. Preferably it is common purifiers that filter water through sand or special filters with the help of gravity or with manual pumping.

It should be noted that CamelBack announced the sale of a bottle of All Clear back in 2009, but then decided that the product is not good enough for mass production. The company has recalled all the goods to make it better. Now the water is purified quickly, the lamp light is even longer, and the battery is integrated into the device. How often have you heard about the company, refused to sell the finished product for the sake of improving it? Not really often, therefore it all speaks well for the manufacturer.

When the product was finally introduced to the world market, you are now able to get the bottle cover with the UV lamp, 25 ounce bottle Tritan Better Bottle, a simple cap-cup for drinking, protective case and a mini-USB cable to recharge the battery. The cost of this great device, well actually the full set is $ 99. For an extra $ 15 can be purchased pre-filter with a 100-micron screen to get rid of large foreign particles. It seems that this is the best product at the best price for those who love to travel in the wild nature and thus will be free from any water supplies that you otherwise would have had to take with yourself. If you have long trips, CamelBack will be as helpful thing for you as a portable hybrid solar charger or a portable travel iron.

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