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Miniature Multifunctional Router ASUS WL-330NUL

Miniature Multifunctional Router ASUS WL-330NULCompact models of wireless routers have already been discussed in the world of high tech. Compared to conventional devices the portable routers are usually lower in functionality and have wired ports with simplified configuration of a wireless module and a relatively low performance hardware platform. In many cases, for the users it was more than enough, but with the ASUS WL-330NUL the lovers of internet have much more possibilities now.  

ASUS WL-330NUL in the question of size can be called a mini-router. In appearance it looks like a small flashlight with batteries of size AA or a lighter, and not on the router. Thus, according to the manufacturer, it is also the multifunction device. Let's see who and what exactly could be interested in this unusual device.

The router comes in large enough for its size package. The whole package includes as a minimum a router, power supply with USB-output (5V 1A), multi-language quick installation guide and warranty card. Required for some uses of the software is written in the router.

Miniature Multifunctional Router ASUS WL-330NULLet’s now look at the appearance, design and specifications of the model. As we have already mentioned, to associate the device with the router is quite difficult. Externally, it is a plastic block measuring the size dimensions of 20 × 65 × 15 mm. Match for the size is also the weight of this great portable device that is less than 20 grams. The outer cover of the router is made of plastic, painted in silver color. Let’s note that the coating is not glossy, which is quite good. The remaining elements of the router are white.

At one end there is a standard network connector RJ45. Note that it is substantially all available space at the end. On the opposite side there is a small (about 5 cm with connector) flexible cable with plug USB. It is capable of being secured on the side of the router, which facilitates easy transportation. Wired network port is operating at 10/100 Mbit / s, built-in wireless controller supports 802.11b/g/n at 2.4GHz with speed connections of up to 150 Mbit / s, USB 2.0 port can be used to connect to PC and power supply unit. In general, these characteristics are quite typical for this class of routers.

ASUS WL-330NUL has an original design that does not require the use of any cables. And if you're traveling with a laptop, you do not even need a power supply. You can use any standard power supply with USB output so you do not need to carry with yourself anything extra. Note also convenient configuration utility that eliminates the need to use web-based interface. In terms of performance the device shows quite typical for small form factor performance without obvious failures. But the possibility to organize a local net can't be underestimated. If you work in computer service then you should always have this device with you. Considering its small size it won't take a lot of space but it can save you a lot of time and nerves in situations when you have to give away internet but don't have a router of the common kind.

ASUS WL-330NUL, without a doubt, deserves an award for its original design as an unusual decision that changes the understanding of the usual functions and offers non-standard usage scenarios. The device is expected to be available on the local market at the end of April this year. According to preliminary information, the cost would be 300 Euros.

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