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Portable IronOften, going on vacation or on a business trip or tour, we pack our bags with a lot of shirts, pants and other easily shrinkable things without thinking about how all this will look like in the end, at the conference of anywhere else where you need to look fresh, neat and classy. As even the shirt from the famous designer will look very unattractive, if not ironed. Therefore we would like to present to your attention an interesting model of the portable iron-transformer, which was created for people who are often on the way.  

The new portable device is called simply and clearly, Portable Iron. The designers decided not to go too far and present their device very straight-forwardly and not misleading any viewer or customer. The Portable Iron is different from all the possible small irons that are now available on the market by two very important features.

Portable IronFirst it is foldable and thus takes a very small space, secondly, this portable iron doesn’t need any power source to run effectively and iron all your clothes. When folded flat the portable iron looks like a small box that does not take up much space in your bag or suitcase, and after unfolding it, you get a full featured iron that can iron all that is needed. Of course, due to the size and power it uses, it will not be good for some big and difficult fabrics, but with some common cotton and wool things like a shirt or a pair of pants it will cope fine.

An interesting feature of this model is the ability of the iron to work of the power source. The iron has a special battery in its case, that is charged from a simple outlet and thus, if the battery is fully charged, the iron can be operated without being connected to the electricity. In such a way this iron becomes a really great option for people who are frequently travelling, or for people who go to the business trips, or also for people who do sports and need to iron their clothes after the training before going to work or to the dinner. But in our opinion, there isn't exist powerful and small batteries capable to power this iron. 

The iron is operated pretty easily. It has just two main buttons; the first one is needed to regulate the heat and the mode of ironing and the second one to turn on and off the device. But stay reminded that after the ironing you need to let the device to cool a little, as the heat from the iron can be damaging for the cover, even though it was made from special heat-resisting materials, it is still recommended to wait for the full cooling, as it also doesn’t take thus long. Moreover, the device is secured from the unwanted turning on, as the On/Off button is not functioning while the cover of the iron is not fully unfolded and set as a handle, moreover, once the handle is being transformed back at the initial case, the heating will automatically stop. In such a way you can be safe and sure that your iron will not run on while in your suitcase.

The official launch of sales of this portable iron have started this year and the price for the book-sized iron with the dimensions in the folded state of 150x110x40 mm, that will be just perfect for your travels and trips is just 40 Euros.

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