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i20 Mobile Cinema projector

i20 Mobile Cinema projectorAiptek introduced a compact i20 Mobile Cinema projector for iPhone and iPod, which is capable of displaying a picture measuring up to 50 inches. With Aiptek i20 MobileCinema owners of smartphones Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S will be able to watch movies and photos on the nearest wall or ceiling. Diagonal of the image is 125 cm, or 50 inches. The projector's built-in battery can be used to recharge the batteries of iPhone as well, thus making this great portable device more functional than it was originally intended.

The displayed image resolution of this model is equal to 960 x 540 pixels, Q-1080p, that is equal to the technical specifications of the screen of iPhone smartphones up to 5 generations. The projector uses LED lights, declared by the manufacturer of high endurance, which reaches 20,000 hours, and thus providing the use of 5 hours per day for the next 11 years of operation. The device is enclosed in a casing with the size dimensions of 60 mmx47 mmx18 mm, the total weight of the projector is only 78 grams, thus it is the most portable and compact projector currently offered on the market. 

i20 Mobile Cinema projectorProjector Aiptek i20 Mobile Cinema can also be connected to the iPad or iPad 2. The novelty is already available on the European market at a retail price of about 200 Euroes. The company Aiptek, the Taiwanese manufacturer of compact cameras, media devices and pico-projectors, introduced a compact projector for iPhone Aiptek i20 MobileCinema at first to the local market, but as the iPhone mania has conquered the whole world, it appeared that the device has very successful feature almost everywhere. From the initial sense the device allows you to use your smartphone as a film projector or also as a great device for photo viewing. Also, the device opens up new opportunities for users to browse the Internet, allowing you to display the image of a web page on any wall. Imagine how it will be more convenient to show something on a big wall than on a small screen of your smartphone.

Now let’s look more closely to the technical specifications of the model. Contrast ratio offered by the device is equal to 120:1, the brightness of 12 ANSI lumens. Another pretty important specification is the projection Distance, which in the case of this great portable projector is equal to 17 - 167 cm (7 - 66 inches). The image diagonal can vary from 13 cm and up to 127 cm (5 - 50 inches). Lens shift is about 50%, the device has a manual focus, and also, which is quite convenient, a built-in speaker. The built-in rechargeable 950 mAh battery has an operating time of 100 minutes of projection and, as mentioned before, can be used to charge the smartphone. The current version of i20 Mobile Cinema projector is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2. In such a way it is a perfect solution for all people who love to view films and photos or pictures on a bigger screen wherever they are.

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