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Valkee Headphones from Depression

Valkee Headphones from DepressionMany people in the winter times, when the days are short, are severely lacking sunlight, which leads to poor health; degrade performance, and most commonly depression. This is especially characteristic for the Nordic countries. Therefore it is not surprising that in Finland there was created such an unusual portable device as Valkee, which shines directly to the brain and helps you to beat depression.

This should be an excellent remedy for winter depression. Moreover, studies show that it is really successful in its goal and much more efficient than some pills or other medical drugs! This device is an iPod-shaped gadget that is connected to the headphones. And they do not exude the sound but light, the light that shines through the ear canals directly to the brain tissue.

Valkee Headphones from DepressionStudies show that due to regular use of Valkee, the human brain under the effect of the direct light, releases more serotonin, melatonin and dopamine, which positively affects many processes in the body, making it healthier, keeping it in a good shape and also boosting up your mood. And it is very necessary in winter, when there is a little light, and few vitamins in the food.

The principle of work of the headphones Valkee NPT 1000, light is directed through the ear canal, as it was found that some of the cells of the human brain are able to respond directly to light. According to the creators of the device, the human brain has light-sensitive parts, which are responsible for the depression and can help in its treatment, if they are affected by light. The best way of light exposure on these sites is just the ear canal - the skull there is quite thin. As a result, the required amount of light is obtained by the brain, not the eyes. A prototype of the gadget has been tested in a clinical setting on patients suffering from winter depression.

It is also important that Valkee NPT in 1000 are compact enough to carry them with your mobile phone or player. By default, Valkee is set for the 12 minutes a day of the light-exposure - the creators insist that this is the optimal duration of the session. If necessary, the dose may be reduced to 6 minutes, or increase up to 1-2 hours a day. The device is powered by the internal battery and is easily rechargeable by the common USB.

Of the side effects Valkee scientists discovered only the improvement of the human state. Studies carried out on members of the national hockey team in Finland, showed that those of its players who use the device had improved coordination of movements and also physical and mental state. Also, the headphones price is quite high so be careful because the manufacturer may be crooking of people that suffer from their depression. We do't tell this for certain but such high price for such simple device is suspicious. 

Now the device is fully available on the market and is known as the portable depression killer. You can buy a Valkee device from the manufacturer's website for 185 British pounds, which is equivalent to 287 U.S. dollars. Be sure that this is a fair price for increased mental and physical state of you and your family.

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