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USB2USB DeviceFlash drive and memory card today are two of the most popular media devices that are used almost every day and almost everywhere. Data as entertainment and business information is often copied from media source to the other media, which always takes time, and is usually very inconvenient. To address this problem the concept device called USB2USB was developed. From the name of device it is not hard to guess what the main function of the device is – it is to copy the data from one media source to the media. For example, from the USB flash drive, or memory card to a portable hard drive and other.        

USB2USB DeviceThe concept device has a fairly compact size that is smaller than a mobile phone, and the device is also extremely thin. The gadget also has a screen, through which the user can quickly find files on the drive and copy them to the other media source. Interestingly enough, and maybe it is the only minus of the gadget USB2USB is that it has no built in memory to save the compactness of the device. And, in fact, the internal memory of the device is not needed.        

Let’s now look at the device from the technical side. It is only 3 millimeters thick; USB2USB easily fits in your wallet. It is equipped with OLED touch screen, a slot for an SD card, and two USB connectors. This device can read almost all the popular types of external memory cards. Users only need to connect the external card or hard drive to view files and folders. The device has a preview mode implemented using the touch screen. Concept can be charged directly using the connector USB. Therefore it is perfect if you need to copy some photos or documents, pick a soundtrack, videos, templates or layouts "right here, right now," without waiting to be within the reach of the laptop or computer. Let’s admit that such a need occurs more often than we think, and the further the computer is, the more important is the need. And it will be handy to have such device simply for any occasion. You will greatly astonish your friends with the possibility to copy data without a notebook.

From its design side the USB2USB looks like a simple bank card, which makes it really appealing and perfectly portable. It has two flexible USB cables from the bottom and top sides of the card that can be turned in any way to insert your USB and from the other side connect to your portable hard drive or other. On the back side of the card you have the SD card slot. From the front there is a small but at the same time just perfect for the matter of copying of the files. The navigation in the media sources is done using for simple buttons located on the right side of the touch-screen.

In such a way the designers’ company has set at first the young people as their main target market, as such a device will be perfect for all the students who need to copy lots of files and other materials from one another. The second not less important target market is the business class, as there top managers also need to share documents, presentation and other files quickly and efficiently. But we think that this device will be just perfect for all the people who need quick and comfortable transfer of information, data and files.

Unfortunately, right now the device is only in the concept state, however it was noted that the device will enter the market already in autumn of this year and will most probably cost around 50 Euros. Though, these are just rumors, so we are just left with waiting.

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