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Tesla Exhale Fan

Tesla Exhale FanWe are glad to present to you the new portable product that is called Tesla Exhale. From the very first impression it is quite hard to imagine that the talk will be going about the fan, though, Tesla Exhale is not just a fan it is a new bladeless fan, the creators on which were somehow inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla. By the way, Tesla Exhale can become the world's first fan without blades; moreover, the portable version is also being developed right now.

The principle of operation of this new invention is based on the constantly rotating disk of the diameter of 34 inches, which, in the truest sense of the word, inhale and exhale air (hence, by the way, that is where the second part of the name of the fan comes from). It is through this process the fan creates the necessary air circulation, allowing you to feel at least a little cool on a hot July afternoon.      

Tesla Exhale FanAdvantages of Tesla Exhale are obvious. First, its design is much safer than that of a traditional personal fans. And secondly - this fan runs several times quieter. People, who throughout the day are forced to listen to the buzz of ceiling fans, understand what we're trying to tell.

On the inside there are constantly spinning 34-inch wheels, which "inhale" air and "exhale" it to the ceiling (not coincidentally the word «exhale» is used in the name of the device). As well as the creators say, a fan is much quieter than their counterparts blades. It's quite understandable as this fan have no blades that create turbulence in the air and correspondingly a lot of noise. The portable device is even more quiet and functional, though will cost a lot more.

Currently the price of the new device is 300 US dollars, though the price for the portable version still wasn’t announced. Though, let’s look at the technical characteristics of the model. The width of the standard model is 864 mm, while the height of the device is 185 mm. The weight of the standard ceiling gadget is 11 kilos. From the promises of the manufacturers the size dimensions of the portable fan will be at least 3-4 cm smaller and the weight will be about 7 kilos. The portable version will be the best solution for the people who like to travel but feel the constant need to refresh the room or are allergic and thus need constant refreshing of the space.

The material that is used for this fan is a precision injection molded plastic, the motor used is a high-capacity 34Watt DC, the power of the fan is 120v/60Hz or 240v/50Hz, the CFM is about 3,186 @ High speed. The control of the unit is made via the wireless six-speed remote.

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