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Pocket Calorie Counter Will Be Always With You

Pocket Calorie CounterThese small portable devices known as pocket calorie counters can be a great help for people who are on the diet or who just want to stay in good shape. While having this great small device you will be able to calculate the amount of calories in your meal at the restaurant, see how much calories there are in the bag of some snacks or also calculate the optimal calories ratio for you evening dinner. 

This small device is very easy in usage due to its great user friendliness and can be placed right into your pocket, If you are having your pocket calorie counter as the application for the iPhone, then there are no problems with the portability and additional space issues.

Why You Need One

Pocket Calorie counter do what their name implies they calculate calories and also keep the food diary that for sure will help you with the possible weight problems or will help you stay informed and therefore avoid weight problems and help you in the weight loss plan during exercising with fitness equipment.

You can use it as an electronic diet journal that will keep you reminded about the number of calories that you consume and also serve as the exercise journal and provide you with the nutrition information for more than a variety of different foods that are kept in their memory, those also include the information about the calories that are contained in some very popular restaurants and also fast food places. Therefore you will be able to count the calories of not only the food that you buy at the shop, but also count the calories from the menu dishes in the restaurants and cafes.


What to Keep in Mind When Buying the Pocket Calorie Counter

When you’ve decided to buy that great pocket calorie calculator keep in mind that there are several specifications that may be very important for your choice. First of all look at the number of food items that the calorie calculator has in the memory. These should be at least 50,000. Also look for the one that has calories calculated for the most popular dinning out places of the world, including the fast food restaurants. Also it is useful to have the calculator with the feature that can calculate when the next food intake should take place, and also propose optimal calorie menus for the day.

Offers on the Market

If you want to have such calories counter for free use your smartphone. A lot of Android applications offer calories calculators for free or with reasonable price for the additional functions.

Usually calorie calculators will not cost you that much, therefore paying more than $50 will not be reasonable.  For example the CalorieSmart Mini - Nutrition Calculator will cost you $20. For the same sum you can also buy some other useful portable devices like a small personal fan or a compact iron. The classic iPhone application will cost you around $10. 

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