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CardSharp Portable Knife

CardSharp Portable KnifeOften it is necessary to open the box and packaging, strip the wire that is cut or chopped, cut the rope and other similar minor every-day life things and chores. The knife is already such a simple thing that we stopped to think of it as something extraordinary and even useful, though once you happen to not have a knife, not a single day will pass without you regretting this fact. Therefore today we are presenting you another very unusual portable gadget that is called CardSharp. 



Sony Smart WatchThis

Sony Smart WatchThisNot so long before we have first heard about smart-watches, and now it has become a global trend. New portable device of a similar name was created by Sony. Sony Smart WatchThis is the perfect solution of a small gadget that can perform a number of very useful functions. Moreover, new Sony Smart WatchThis has already got a number of pretty useful applications. It was first introduced in the year 2010, from that time the company refined and updated the product number of times, introducing more profound and dust and water proof glass cover. 




SmartWallitIt is hard to argue with the fact that the mobile phone and the wallet are almost the most important everyday things for many of us. At the same time, both these things are easy to lose. New accessory of a portable gadget that has recently been introduced to the market known as the SmartWallit promises to help people avoid such unpleasant situations. SmartWallit is a compact portable device that is placed inside the bag, wallet or any other important for your thing and communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.   


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