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I Sight Twin LED

I Sight Twin LEDThe American company RadTech has developed a flashlight I Sight Twin LED, which is worn on the ear, and can shed light to the areas that is only what is in front of the eyes of the owner, and leaves both hands free. The I Sight Twin LED is a lightweight device with LED lights, the life of which is one hundred thousand hours, and which also allows you to use both white and green light.  



LG Pocket Photo PD223

LG Pocket Photo PD223Not so long ago the open market had another novelty released, the name of the new portable printer is LG Pocket Photo PD223. At first the product was supposed to be tailored just for Japanese and other Asian countries market, but after the thorough market research, the creators realized that the new portable device is also interesting for European and other foreign markets. The LG Pocket Photo PD223 portable printer is a very nicely looking device that may be useful for all the lovers of photography, offering quick and quite functional solution for the printing of the photos. 



Mu Space Pillow

Mu Space PillowOf course, the idea of combining in one device several functions is not new, but we have never heard before of possibility to combine a music player and a pillow. However, designers of Mu Space are not afraid to implement it. Their new device looks like a small bag of a modern design, equipped with speakers on the sides. It can always be carried along to any place and used as a regular boom box. However, if you want to sleep, you can unzip the bag: flipping part of the bag is placed under the neck, and the head is just placed inside the device. In this case, you can turn the speakers inside and turn on some relaxing music. To play music the creators offer via the memory cards or external USB-drives, as the device is equipped with the two ports just for that purpose.   


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